When Annie met Spotty :)

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Hello my friends, Spot here!


Oooh! We’re having some funny weather in our World at the moment: one minute the sun’s out and the next it’s pouring with rain!  My mummy told me it’s called ‘April showers’; I suppose I should remember them from last year but that was far too long ago 😯


I do remember, however, when the Peskies first came to live with us – can you believe they’re nearly two years old now?


That little Annie cat has not really left me alone since the day she came, she certainly loves her big brother! (Spike is her ‘little’ brother as he’s 10 hours younger than her 😆 )


So there I was the other day, making the most of that sunshine I told you about earlier, sitting minding my own business, when all of a sudden there she was, by my side!

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Annie by my side


I pretended at first not to see her, but then she started to ask me lots of questions 😯

One thing she wanted to know about was the bamboo! So I showed her how to catch it!


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This is how you catch it


Then you need to sniff it


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Sniffing the bamboo


Then you examine it a bit further to see if you can eat it or not

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Hmmm… bet it doesn’t taste like a nice chicken treat


So that’s what you do with bamboo, I told her

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Telling Annie that’s what you do with bamboo


I could tell that she was losing interest somewhat and seemed to be watching the birdies in the tree behind us!


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Annie watching the birdies


So I decided to take a wash instead of talking to her


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Taking a wash


But then she pulled a funny face at me, thinking I’d not seen 😯


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Annie’s funny face


So I decided to pretend that it was far more interesting to look at the wall of the house 🙂


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That wall is very interesting!


And that was the end of our little meeting. Not long afterwards, the clouds came over and the rain poured down, so I went indoors for a nice catnap 🙂

Take care my friends!

Love from



4 thoughts on “When Annie met Spotty :)”

  1. Awww Spot, you are such a good big brother to your little sister! She adores you and try to be like you! Which I think is a very clever decision ;). You are just the best Spot! Continue to be that, love you sweet boy! <3

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