How old is my cat in human years?

If you’ve ever wondered how old your cat is in human years, our handy guide should help you!

You’ll see that in the first two years of a cat’s life, their human age goes up rapidly. This is very logical if you think about it, most cats are fully mature by the time they are 1 or 2 years old, therefore equivalent to an adult human being. After this, the age goes up in a pattern: 1 cat year = 4 human years! Simples!



Cat years and human years
How old is your cat?


6 thoughts on “How old is my cat in human years?”

  1. Spot the Bengal may be a young one, but Kinja, my Marble coated Bengal has just turned 20 this month in early November 2016 which makes her the equivalent of 96 human years and all of a sudden, I see some lethargy and change in her hunger and behavior that makes me wonder if she’s on her way out. I will be making an appointment with her vet and hope she lasts to see him.

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