Annie’s Afternoon






Hello my friends, Spot here!

Phew! We’ve had a bit of a blustery and wet weekend, my friends! It’s a good job I enjoy having lots of catnaps as it wasn’t much fun being outside most of the time! 😯

Mind you, it didn’t stop little Annie or Spike from going outdoors, they are still young and inquisitive about the world around them. Me? I’ve seen it all! 😆

So, in between the rain showers, little Annie was sitting by the Bengal Spa which incidentally had been switched off as all the leaves had blown in and it needs a bit of a clean as soon as daddy gets a chance (with me supervising 😉 )

Annie sitting by the Bengal Spa


Then she thought she heard an interesting noise!

What’s that noise?


So she got on to the nearest flower pot to take a closer look…


Annie on the flower pot


There was nothing in front of her, but when she turned around, she could see two or three birdies on top of the house, and they were all talking to her, so she of course chirruped back!

Annie chirruping to the birdies


And she carried on chirruping for quite a while until the birdies flew away!

Annie thought she’d better go a bit higher to see if she could find them

Annie on the scratch post


But they were nowhere to be seen, so she asked daddy if she could have some of my favourite chicken treats instead

“Please can I have some of Spotty’s favourite chicken treats?”


And of course with a face like that, daddy couldn’t resist so they went inside and we all had my favourite treats 🙂

And that was Annie’s afternoon because she then settled down for a nice catnap with me 🙂

Next weekend it’s show time for Spike and Annie! I’ll let you know all about it of course!

Take care my friends!
Love from



4 thoughts on “Annie’s Afternoon”

  1. What a lovely afternoon little Annie had Spot, and at least she got you all your favourite treats, bless her.mlooking forward to the next weeks blog Spot, xx

  2. Hi Spot, Annie certainly had an interesting afternoon, and I bet you enjoyed all your catnaps, a boy can never have enough! I hope Spike and Annie do well at the show next weekend, and I will look forward to reading all about it. xxx

  3. I like the Bengal Spa, can I come for a day??… I enjoy these blogs as it means I can catch up on the gang. I send you lots of love and hope mummy and daddy are well. Love Zoe xxxx

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