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These pages are for sharing help and advice for all aspects of keeping cats, we’ll add to and update them over time. If you would like advice on anything in particular and you can’t find it, just let us know by either leaving a comment or by contacting us via email 🙂

Please note: Whilst we may cover some aspects of feline health, the information given here has NOT been written by veterinary-trained people – if your cat is showing any signs of illness, you should seek medical advice as appropriate and not use these pages as a substitute for a professional diagnosis and treatment.

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Our Two Most-Commonly Asked Questions!

The Basics

  1. A Guide to Buying a Bengal kitten
  2. Settling a New Cat/Kitten into your home
  3. Introducing a New Cat / Kitten to an Existing One

Bengals and the Great Outdoors

  1. Should I let my Bengal cat go outside?
  2. How do I harness train my cat?
  3. Five ways to let your cat outside (safely)

Feline Facts

  1. How old is my cat in human years?


27 thoughts on “Advice Centre”

  1. Great idea, Spot! I’m sure this will go over well with all of your fans! If I think of something that can help, I will let you know! :mrgreen:

    1. Thanks very much, Diane! I have a list as long as my paw of articles I want to write and share on these pages. 😎 Any help is always appreciated! 😮 xx

  2. Wonderful idea Spot! Every time I think I’ve seen it all in my 40 years of living with kitties one of our critters develops something I’ve never heard of! Our vet is moving into a brand new clinic this weekend, I like to tell them I was happy to help pay for the construction 😆

    Caturday is almost here!! Yay xxx

    1. Oooh yes, June! Cat doctors can be so expensive, but worth it to keep us fur babies in tip top condition! 😀 😯 xx
      I’m so looking forward to Caturday! x

  3. Love that idea! Sometimes you just need to hear someone else talk about their problems to recognize your own! You are really a smart friend Spot. Kisses to you and your friends at BCW. 😀

  4. It will be helpful for all cat mummies and daddies to share advice and be able to ask questions. Bengals are such fascinating cats, even those of us without them enjoy learning especially about them. Obviously since we are all following you, Spot! 😀

    1. I am extending what we already do on FB, I suppose, Carol – just making it a bit more structured and easier to share a link to if someone needs help 🙂 😛 xx

  5. We have a really lovely vet here in Overmark, where I live. He even come weekends or nights if you need him. It feels good to have someone to rely on when you are worried about your babies. 😀 As I´m always worried about mine, it´s good to know he (the vet) will be there if I need him to! Last weeks Sunday night (the night between Sunday and Monday) I woke up at 3.30 am of screems out of the cellar. It sounded like “OJOJOJIIIKIIK….”. I run off with only my slippers on, down to the cellar. All the way down I heard the catdoor slamming over and over. When I came into the garage I saw Mirrin in the middle of the floor, Selmin by the catdoor and could see a black paw at the door. But when I came closer it dissappeared. I put on a jacket and shoes, moved Selmin from the door and went out to look. The only thing I saw was a paw print, about the cat print size but with 5 toes. I shouted out “if you come back another time I´ll break your neck”. But I guess it wouldn´t understand and wouldn´t care… But it felt better. Now I´ve been looking at all kind of paw prints, but still haven´t found a matching one. So I guess this is what Mirrin was scared of that night he growld like that. Because the same prints I´d seen from the stairs (from the main door) after that happened. So every night now I wake up every half hour to listen so nothing bad is happening to my babies and I tell them to do the same as last time, shout like hell so I come to rescue them ❗ 🙂

    1. Ooooh, that must have been scary, Elisabeth! 😯 It could have been a polydactyl cat, they have extra toes 😉 I’m glad your boys are safe and well xxx

  6. What kind is a polydactyl cat? Is it the size of a “usual” cat or… My heart was really upside down for several days after that. It was really scary, but it didn´t matter, I needed to save my boys! Most important, if it would come over me, I wouldn´t care, in case I would have an axe to take to 😀 . My boys first, have always been :mrgreen:

    1. A polydactyl cat is the same size as a usual cat, Elisabeth, they just have extra toes! They are domesticated cats just like your boys, and can be any breed – you can get polydactyl bengals for example 🙂 xx

  7. Hi Spot,

    I think Elizabeth needs one of those cat flaps that only opens for her cats, by reading their microchip or collar. I just invested in a new one as another cat tried joining mine a couple of times and I was woken up by the screaming in the early hours! Peace has now been resumed and my two have relaxed an awful lot now that they know no-one else can get in THEIR door! 🙂 x x

    By the way, I think this is an excellent idea of yours – clever you!

    x x x x

    1. Great thinking, Heather! We don’t have a cat flap, so I always forget about the microchipped ones 😳 Thanks for your feedback about my idea! 😆 xxx

  8. I´ve actually been thinking of a lot of different things according to my boys. I´ve also thought about the door that only opens to my boys, but then again, I would need a lot of those unlockers, since Selmin now and then have lost his collar ( in fights of course, the king of the road…). I don´t know if it´s possible to get many “keys” to one of those cat flaps. I´ve also been thinking of putting out a “mink trap” to see if I get a prisoner in it. Well it´s Sunday night tonight so I´ll sleep with one eye and 2 ears open all night, since it´s been 2 Sunday nights we´ve been disturbed. It´s also difficult here with the cold, since the flaps sometimes brake when it get icy. So we did even take out the lock of this door since the ice got stuck around the lock. But I´ll reconsider it if this happens once again =). Thanx for the suggestion I appreciate that Heather Love 🙂

  9. I checked up the polydactyl cat on google and saw different kinds of paws and cats. So finally I understood =) 😳 . Anyway one of the paw prints looked like the one I had outside so it was probably one of these polydactyls. Last Sunday was nice and quiet, nothing (knock on wood) have happend since those 2 nights. Of course I think it scared both Mirrin and Selmin also, so they have been more inside and it´s also been around -20 C. Today and last night it´s been snowing, so now we have to showel off from the cat flap. Must go once again tonight before going to bed 😀

    1. I’m pleased Sunday was quiet for you and your fur babies, Elisabeth, it sounds like it could well have been a polydactyl puss 😉 xxxx

  10. Hi,

    We have an 6 months old bengal kitten and we have problem with him.
    Many times in the night (mostly in dawn) he starts to meowing. He is really loud and always wakes up us.
    What can we do? What do you recommend?

    1. Hello Aneeta! Cats are naturally nocturnal and are most active at dawn and dusk. Make sure he has plenty of activities to keep him occupied and play with him just before you go to bed. Ensure there is enough food left out, if he eats it all in one go you might consider an automated feeder on a timer. You need to “retrain” him to fit in with human hours – so don’t go to him when he makes the noise, if he realises it’s not getting him anywhere, he won’t carry on though you will need time and patience for him to learn this.

  11. Thank you for your quick answer. Yes, he is definetely nocturnal and active cat. We trying to play a lot with him, we trying to make him tired 🙂
    I will follow your advice and I will try to ignore his meowing.

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