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Hello my friends, Spot here!

So I thought I’d let you know all about my big day out yesterday. Oh, and Spike’s too I guess πŸ˜†

I knew something was a-happening on Friday evening as my mummy first of all trimmed my claws, then cleaned my face and ears – I don’t mind the ears, it’s when she does my eyes and nose that I complain about the indignity of it all – then she spruced up my coat! As if it needed sprucing!

Then she did the same to Spike but not Annie so I guessed it was to be a boys’ day out πŸ™‚ I heard mummy say something to daddy about Annie having a little summer holiday from shows, so it was up to us to fly the Bengal Cat World flag! πŸ˜€

And I was right! At some unearthly hour in the middle of the night yesterday, the hoomins awoke from their slumber and put every single light on in the house they could find (or at least it seemed like that, they should learn to have better night vision, it would be so beneficial for them πŸ˜† ) – then once they had finished preening themselves, they hoisted me and Spike into our carrier and off we went to a show many miles away….

We were there very early, as usual, so there were no actual vets even there yet for vetting in, so daddy stayed with us whilst mummy started to set up her stall.

After a while,Β daddy took us to vetting in but it wasn’t our breeder, Sue, like it usually is (she was at a different show). It was a man vet! 😯 Spike decided he didn’t like him very much and actually hissed at him! Can you believe it? I don’t think I’ve ever heard him hiss before, so he was showing a bit of a new side πŸ˜†

But as soon as we were into the show hall, he was his old self again and daddy set about cleaning and preparing our pens. We soon settled in though I think I might need a bigger bed πŸ˜†

Chillin in the bed

Spike was back to his usual laid back self, and was in the pen right next door to me. He decided he preferred not being in the bed at all! πŸ™‚

Spike doesn’t need a bed


After a while, it was time for us to be nice to all the judges who came along to see us πŸ™‚ We are both at the same level, so we were both competing to get the Imperial certificate with whoever else was in the class, and of course we are both the same breed so we were both competing for Best of Breed with any other brown spotties who were there πŸ™‚

Luckily, my mummy wasn’t in the dark as she had the show catalogue, so she could see that there were 7 cats in total going for the Imperial – alongside myself and Spike there were some Cornish Rexes and some Asian tabbies too and some others that I can’t remember.

But only one would get the desired Imperial certificate, and one would get Reserve and the others would get nothing…

For Best of Breed, myself and Spike were up against a girl Bengal who herself was very lovely so that would be tough as only one of us would win!

We had a long long wait for the results to come out…. Best of breed was first and the winner was ……. Spike! Yay! ( <—- my mummy made me say that πŸ˜† )

Then there was a long gap to wait for the Imperial which was a good job as my mummy’s stall was absolutely hectic with lots of people buying lots of lovely kitty things fromΒ there πŸ˜‰

But then the result was finally up though we weren’t expecting to win….. so we were really pleasantly surprised when we found out that the winner was Spike! Yay again! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Here’s his lovely rosette πŸ™‚

Spike’s rosette


After all that excitement, we then had another lovely treat in that our good page friend, Izzy, and her friend, Janina, came to visit me! (and Spike, but I am her favourite πŸ˜€ ) It was so lovely to see you Izzy at last, you have been a very loyal friend of the page pretty much as soon as it began, so thank you! And Janina was a lovely smiley lady too! πŸ™‚

The only thing left to wait for now was the side class results.

I came 2nd out of 4 in one of mine, and was unplaced in the other.

Spike came 1st out of 2 in one of his and 2nd out of 6 in the other, so yet more great results for the golden boy! πŸ™‚

Then it was time to pack up and drive home. I did supervise my daddy quite closely on the drive back to make sure his driving was up to my strict standards πŸ˜†

Supervising daddy


And in between times, I had a snooze in the carrier which I kind of let Spikey share but he was only allowed to have a little bit πŸ™‚ Β Though I did allow him toΒ use me as a pillow (I am nice like that)

Snoozing on the way home


Then we got home and little Annie in particular was so pleased to see us! She had missed her favourite boy (me) and her brother and the hoomins! She was very clingy for the rest of the evening and today as well! (note to self: “don’t go out again without the little pesky”)

But I don’t think I will be going to any more shows anyways, my friends, as my mummy said she will probably retire me and let the two youngsters represent us which they do so well. I must admit, I do get much better catnaps when I’m at home, so that’s fine by me πŸ˜†

Take care my friends!
Love from



12 thoughts on “Show Day for the Brown Spotty Boys!”

  1. You did have the “I just can’t even!” look about you lying (partly) in your bed, Spot!

    So, when you’re “retired”, you can have lots more catnaps, but you’ll have to be the supervising adult for the peskies. (Which sounds lovely, by the way.)

    1. Thank you, John πŸ™‚ I think I will leave the supervising to the others and enjoy my nice catnaps πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Awwww thank you for letting us “be along” on your show, by telling us what has happened! So happy to read it. I must say that you Spot is also my favourite, love you little boy! <3 I was hoping the judges would notice what a lovely and most beautiful boy you are. But maybe they where so blinded by you that they couldnΒ΄t notice… Something it must have been. But good that you came second at least, really well done. Your little brother did do very well also! Give him a cuddle from me also! Kisses to you Spotty! <3 xxx

  3. What a lovely day out you had, I felt quite a part of it all and you both did so well again, your hoomins must be very proud, I think you will enjoy your retirement Spotty I know I do, I wish I had found your blog a long time ago as I do so enjoy it, your little pesky sounds lovely too. Do you think my little Coco will be a pesky too , Sue your breeder is rearing her for me and she will come home on the 9th sept, Thank you for taking us into your lovely Bengal world Spot , love to everyone xx

    1. Coco is bound to be a pesky, Monica, in fact I think she has already been up to lots of naughties πŸ™‚ I’m sure she will keep you entertained though πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. Hi Spot. Lovely to read your blog as usual. Spike did very well didn’t he, but you are still the most handsome one as far as I am concerned. Glad you made sure your daddy was driving safely on the way home with such precious cargo! I am sure you will enjoy your retirement with being able to have all those nice catnaps.xxxx

  5. aww what a lovely blog. I love the photo of you supervising daddy. You and Spike are lovely.,I send you all a huge Zoe xxxxx

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