A tale of twos

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Hello my friends, Spot here!

Can you believe it? In two days time, there are two particular Peskies, aka Spike and Annie, who will be two years old! Doesn’t time fly?

So let’s have a look at what life’s been like with these two in our World!

Before they joined us, they were of course at Sue the breeder’s house, along with their brother, Vladimir and their Snow sister, Mia.


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Spike (far right) and Annie next to Spike


Annie had a naughty glint in her eye even then, don’t you think?

Once they reached 13 weeks old, they came to live with us, and a few weeks after that, they were allowed out into MY cat garden! (and Lula’s… she made me say that 😯 )


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First tentative steps


It didn’t take long for them to treat the garden like their own, exploring where they shouldn’t!


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Spike and Annie exploring


And making the most of all the fun things to play with!


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Spike and Annie having fun


They also found places to have a catnap, including Lula’s hammock 😯


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Spike and Annie in Lula’s hammock


I also passed on the fruits of my wisdom when they were young 🙂


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Teaching Annie all I know


They of course have both had successful show careers so far!

Spike competes in the Pedigree classes and has reached Grand Premier level…


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Grand Premier Spike


… and been Best in Show Foreign once at the Tabby Cat Club Show in October 2015 🙂


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Best in Show


Annie competes in the Household Pet section which is equally as competitive and has achieved spectacular success!


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Annie at a show


She’s now an Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Master Cat – something she achieved in just over a year (very few cats achieve Olympian that quickly) and she’s been Best in Show as follows:

Best in Show Pedigree Pet, Tabby Cat Club, October 2014

Overall Best in Show Household Pet, Bengal Cat Club, November 2014

Best in Show Pedigree Pet, Manchester Cat Show, September 2015

Best in Show Pedigree Pet, Egyptian Mau Cat Club, October 2015

Best in Show Pedigree Pet, Bengal Cat Club, November 2015

Overall Best in Show Household Pet, Shropshire Cat Club, February  2016


Phew! What a clever poppet 🙂  Here’s one of my mummy’s favourite rosettes from all of those (though they’re all lovely)


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One of our favourite rosettes


But aside from the show bench, they have matured into gorgeous sweeties! (my mummy made me say that 😯 )


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Annie in the apple tree


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Spike’s gorgeous coat


They also brush up well for posh pics 🙂


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Annie’s posh pic


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Spike’s posh pic


Meanwhile, they’re still naughty and manage to escape from the cat garden whenever they can!

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Annie looking for birdies


But they still enjoy a nice catnap. Often in ‘Lula’s’ hammock! (don’t think Lula gets much time in there these days 😉 )


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Spike and Annie


So that’s that. Here’s to many more years of Peskiness!

Take care my friends!

Love from




4 thoughts on “A tale of twos”

  1. Wonderful recap of 2 very busy years! Spike and Annie have grown into stunning kitties but you’re still, and always will be, my favourite Spot ♥♥♥

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