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Hello my friends, Spot here!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? Ours of course included another show, the last for a little while as there are no shows close enough to us in May 🙂 So we’re all going to be having a little rest from them 🙂

But yesterday, Spike and Annie were strutting their stuff at a double show – the Cambridgeshire and the Bedford shows. Annie was entered into both, but Spike was just entered into one as my mummy can be quite fussy like that 🙂

It was one of the furthest shows from us, so it was another early start for the hoomins and the Peskies. I was disturbed from my catnap for an hour or so but then went back to sleep on the warm spot Annie left behind on top of the kitchen cabinets 🙂 It was very pleasant and I dreamed of chicken treats and tuna, two of my most favourite things, as you may well have gathered if you’re a regular follower 🙂

Back to the topic… they picked up Sue the vet and our breeder on the way. She was taking two cats: Lucy and Harley. Lucy is half sister to Lula and myself (we share the same mother) and Harley is father to all 4 of the Bengal Cat World Bengals 🙂

There was a bit of a delay getting to the venue as unfortunately there had been a serious accident on the motorway, but luckily they weren’t too late.

Annie settled into her pen in the Household Pet section…

Annie tellling daddy about her pen


… Whilst Spike was next to Harley in the Pedigree section (pic taken a little later in the day).

Spike and Harley

Spike is of course competing for his Imperial Grand Premier title, whereas Harley is actually a level below, he’s competing for Grand Premier. This is because Harley has only recently been neutered 🙂 When they aren’t neutered, cats compete for ‘Champion’ rather than ‘Premier’ titles, and Harley had reached Grand Champion (which isn’t bad going as he didn’t go to that many shows).

Once they’re neutered, they have to start again in the Neuter section, though they keep the title they’d earned in the Adult (non-neuter) section! A bit confusing I know… So Harley’s title is Grand Champion and Premier at the moment 🙂

It was quite a busy show, being as it was a double one, with lots of cats and people in the show hall but the morning judging soon started and the exhibitors had to let the judges get on with their work 🙂

The results were in reasonably quickly and here’s how our two little peskies did 🙂

In the Bedford show, Annie was up against 7 other lovely girls in the Olympian class and unfortunately didn’t win it 🙁 She did win Best in Colour, though, beating a sweet boy 🙂 In her side classes she was unplaced out of 8 in one, and 2nd out of 2 in the other, so not the best of results….

However, in the Cambridgeshire show, she was up against the same 7 girls for Olympian and won! So she now has her first Olympian Silver certificate (4 more to get to earn the title). She also beat the same boy to win Best in Colour and was 2nd out of 3 and 1st out of one (lol) in her side classes – so quite a bit better 🙂 🙂

Spike was up against 6 other boys for his Imperial certificate but didn’t get it, it was awarded to a stunning Russian Blue. He was up against 5 others (including Harley) for Best of Breed but it was awarded to  a little girl.

In his side classes, he was very consistent, coming 2nd out of 3 in both of them 🙂

Harley got Best of Breed in the other show (that Spike wasn’t entered in) and he also won 2 Grand Premier certificates which was excellent. Lucy also did well, though my mummy said she can’t remember all her results now 😆 (I blame her age 😯 )

Here’s some more pics 🙂

Annie telling daddy about her Olympian rosette


Spike chilled out


Before they knew it, it was time to pack up and travel safely home. Luckily the issues on the motorway had been sorted out and they all arrived safely, so we had some nice chicken treats and I had some tuna and they had whatever they like, and then it was time for a little run around the cat garden before settling down for a well-earned rest. And so did the peskies 😆

Take care my friends!
Love from



6 thoughts on “Another Show Day!”

  1. Awww I think the peskies did very well. They had to be up so early and I think that is the reason they wasn´t first in all of the shows… When you don´t get enough sleep you get so tired and your eyes look cloudy! So Annie and Spike don´t worry, next time when you´re closer to home you will take it all <3 <3 <3

  2. My cat is Ginger he meows while I’m in the loo sitting top of me he hates water in the loo cause I give him a bath I know he is Bengal cause he winks at me and he suckles my clothes he is getting new voices he must be sexually maturing.

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