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Hello my friends, Spot here!

It’s a little bit odd, I know, me writing my blog on a Monday, and I’ll be out with my days all week! 😆 It’s all because the cat show this week was on Sunday rather than Saturday 🙂  My mummy was much too tired to help me write my blog yesterday to tell you all about the show, so that’s why we’re writing it now 🙂


So we were up bright and early yesterday. Well, it was early at least, perhaps not so bright, seeing as it was in the middle of the night … 😯 Perhaps not quite the middle of the night but it was very early for me to have my sleep disturbed 😯


Mummy had decided to give Annie a little break from shows as she’s been to a few this year, so it was up to us boys – me and Spike – to go and show off our spots 🙂


So, Annie and the rest of them carried on snoozing whilst Spike and I got in the large carrier and were whisked away to the show.
We both had double pens and I settled in very quickly into my donut bed as I could tell I’d be able to have lots of nice catnaps in it 😉



Spike, on the other paw, liked to have a good look round his pen and make sure it was up to his standards!


Spike checking out his pen


So mummy had to fuss around him quite a lot – he’s very loud and insistent when he wants to be!


Mummy looking after Spike and me snoozing


After a while, as it always does, the rest of the world caught up with us and others started to arrive and the hall soon filled up with cats of all breeds and colours.

And then the morning judging started where we’d be assessed for our Title and Best of Breed classes. This was a joint show so, although we’re both at the same level, we weren’t competing against each other as Spike was in one show and I was in a different one.

We were both going for our Imperial certificate, as we both still need 4 to achieve the title (we both have one each – we like to be consistent! 😆 )

The title class results took a little while to come out, but in the meantime the Best of Breed results were published! And what great news! I won Best of Breed in my show, though to be fair there was only one other boy up against me.

Spike was up against 3 other cats for his BoB, including my Aunt Fanny (Sue’s cat. He’s related to me on my mother’s side, and not related to Spike). Sue knew that the judge liked Fanny very much and Fanny is much more titled than either of us two so it would be a tough class….

But Spike won it! Yay! What a clever chap he is 🙂

Then we waited for our Imperial class results: Spike was up against 4 other cats in his, and I was up against 7 other cats in mine!

Again, a tough couple of classes, which sadly neither of us won. 🙁 Oh well. If it was any consolation, the boy who won Spike’s class also eventually won the Best in Show Foreign category, so it was no shame to be beaten by him.

Then we waited for the side classes…. mine weren’t all that great, to be honest 🙂 I was unplaced out of 5 in one, and 2nd out of 2 in the other. But at least I had lots of nice catnaps 🙂

Spike did a little better! He won one of his side classes (though he was the only one in it 😆 😆 ) and came 2nd out of 5 in the other, with the same boy beating him to 1st place.

Then, it was time to pack up so daddy put us both in the same pen whilst he tidied things up and mummy got on with packing up the stall.

The first thing Spike did was steal my nice bed!

Naughty Spike!


I wasn’t impressed by this 🙂

Not impressed


So I made him get up and look at my nice pink rosette (though he seemed much more interested in something else  🙂  )


Spike getting up


And finally, we got home and had some nice dinner and some of my favourite chicken treats before getting into bed for a well-deserved snooze. In fact, I have no idea why my mummy was so tired after all; I had a very relaxing day! 😆

The next show is in a few weeks, which will be attended by Spike and Annie 🙂

Take care my friends!

Love from




6 thoughts on “Boys’ Day Out!”

  1. Well done boys, both BoB, that’s not to be sneezed at ! Congratulations all round.
    Hope Mum did well with sales – gotta pay the rent somehow !

  2. Congrats to your BoB´s. In my opinion you both could have won it all… But this is really good! You are such clever boys both of you! <3

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