Robbie’s Big Day Out!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I have some very exciting news to share with you, and it’s all about our ginger boy, Robbie!




So it all started off a couple of weeks ago, when my mummy was looking at her Facebook and her friend, Carol, was asking if anyone would like to put forward their ginger cats for a photo shoot!

A couple of people had already put forward their gingers, but my mummy thought it wouldn’t harm and sent a couple of pics of our boy.

She was very pleased but a bit surprised when Carol advised her a day or two later that the photographer had chosen Robbie over all the other gorgeous boys!

We didn’t really know too much at that time, just that Robbie had to be at the photographer’s studios on Friday 18th March at 9 o’clock in the morning!

This was definitely going into the unknown a little as Robbie has never, in his 6½ years, been out of our home county of Shropshire, and Manchester is about 60 miles away. Also, of course, he’s never had anyone else take any photos of him other than my mummy and daddy.

A couple of weeks soon passed and Friday morning dawned. So, the hoomins were up quite early for a Friday and we were all a bit confused! The show bag with litter tray, food, water, etc were all out, as was the big carrier…. but we never go to a cat show on a Friday! Whatever was happening?

It soon became clear it was Robbie being whisked off, so we all carried on having our nice catnaps, after we’d eaten some breakfast.

Robbie was a bit unsure in the car but settled down quite quickly and they had a pretty uneventful journey up north to Manchester.

They arrived at the studio right on time and went in and had a look around. They could see a few bits and bobs that would be used as props 🙂




After a little while, once Robbie had had a chance to settle, it was time for the pics to be taken! The shots are to be used in promotional material for a new Pet Insurance scheme, and the lady who was responsible for creating the campaign, Katie,  was there along with Geoff the photographer.

Katie had specific shots in mind that she wanted our Robbie to do 🙂 The first was to eat out of a bowl…


Robbie and the bowl


Robbie wasn’t too sure about that one as the bowl had the word “dog” written on it, and he does have standards, you know! 🙂 But I think they got the shot they wanted after a few attempts 🙂

Next up, Robbie was in the cat tree, and needed to look out of one of the openings 🙂


Robbie looking out of the opening


Next up, he needed to be looking out of a mouse hole!


Geoff making some adjustments


Robbie and the mouse hole


Of course, Geoff was the other side of the hole, taking the pic through it 🙂 He was very pleased with one of the ones he got, and even said he thought it was the best animal pic he’d ever taken in his career! 😆

In between the shots, Robbie had a lot of relaxation time, mummy had taken one of his favourite beds and he snoozed away quite happily, purring away 🙂

Robbie chillin’


Finally, they just needed a few pics of Robbie on a nice rug with a mouse 🙂


Robbie on the rug


Robbie and the mouse


Robbie being cool


Then it was finished and they all made their way home. My mummy and daddy were very proud indeed of the ginger one: once he’d settled in (which only took a few minutes), he was such a good boy and was very relaxed and chilled out.

Once at home, Robbie told us all about his adventure and then had a nice catnap on one of his favourite perches on the Tigga Towers 🙂

Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


We’ll share any finished pics we’re sent of him when we get them (that won’t be for a while) and maybe even some of the material if he’s featured 🙂

Take care my friends!

Love from



6 thoughts on “Robbie’s Big Day Out!”

  1. Wow, Robbie, could modelling be a new career for you ? I hope you enjoyed your day out, it matters a lot that you are comfortable when you are put to work in new surroundings. From the shots Spot has shown us, it seems you were being very nonchalant about it all. Hope that in due course, we get to see vids of the final ad.

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