My favourite toy

*Purrs and Miaows* to all!


I’m a really lucky cat as my mummy buys me lots of toys to play with, so many in fact that daddy tells her off and says that she spends too much money on us cats 😆


But out of all these toys, my favourite has got to be the Da Bird feather dangler toy which mummy buys online from Purrs in Our Hearts – she buys from there because they support UK cat rescue.


So I thought it would be fun to share some pictures taken of me when playing with my Da Bird – the looks on my face show how much I’m concentrating to try and get those feathers! You can understand why mummy has to buy so many replacements as they don’t last long when I’m on the case 😀


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Where's it gone?


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
There it is!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Nearly got it!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I'm gonna get it this time!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Harry staying out of the way



Don’t you agree that this game is great fun? 😆

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