Favourite squashy bit


*Miaow* and welcome to my world πŸ™‚



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula in the hammock





As my loyal readers know, I’m quite partial to a little cat-nap when I’ve finished being naughty and I’m in a quieter mood πŸ˜†Β Us cats all have our favourite little places for a snooze… as you can see Lula likes the cat hammock.









Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ahhhh.. squashy sofa




But for me, nothing beats the sofa in the conservatory, especially the bit at the back that because we’ve laid on it so much, it’s now officially called “the squashy bit” πŸ˜†











Bengal Cat Blog Photo





I usually like to have the squashy bit all to myself…














Bengal Cat Blog Photo
OK, Harry - you can share!




… but sometimes I let others share with me

(well, Harry is bigger than me after all, so I usually do what he tells me to :lol:)












Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Not sure there's room for you, Robbie





The squashy bit is so popular Β that I sometimes have to try and push the others out of the way if they got there first…










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Little Friday





… but if I’m feeling generous? I let them have the squashy bit all to themselves πŸ™‚












What are the favourite areas that your cats like to sleep on or in?






4 thoughts on “Favourite squashy bit”

  1. Our two used to like sleeping on the back of the big red chair in the living room, but it’s now in the family room, so they prefer the bed. But it must be neatly made for them :).

    1. Ha ha! Are yours Bengals, John? I know you said before that Lula reminds you of one of your previous cats…

      1. They are an American Shorthair (Newt), and a Maine Coon (Henry, Newt’s brother). Ah yes, she does, but Jezzie was a first generation tabby-point Siamese :).

  2. Ahhh.. they sound lovely, Maine Coons are so big and fluffy! I can see why Lula would remind you of a Siamese, she does have that slender look and similar head colourings πŸ™‚ It sounds like you’ve shared your life with a lot of lovely pedigree cats, John.

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