Udder fun!


Hello! Welcome to my blog 🙂 If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that Lula and I love going out in the field behind our house to have a good run around.

Bengal Cat Blog
Got ya!





As you can see, we love to pounce on any unsuspecting bugs, and we also pounce on each other, which is great fun!










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Look, Lula - they're coming!






But we always keep an eye out for the cows who live in the field….










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I'm not going to move!






… we like to play a game with them to see how long we can stand our ground without showing them we’re actually very scared…









Bengal Cat Blog Photo
You don't scare me







…We hold on for as long as we can …









Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Better make a run for it!









… until we run very quickly back to the safety of our garden…















… leaving the cows standing by the fence, unable to catch us… 😀







Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oooh - look at Spot and Lula!







… and Robbie and Friday watching from the bedroom window (they’re too scared to play our game :lol:)













Don’t you think this is a fun game? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Udder fun!”

  1. I’m so purroud of you both, I do that to the sheep when I’m at the caravan! Mummy tells me off, she’s such a spoilsport. Lots of love Uncle BooBoo xxx

    1. Yes, those hoomins can be such sticks in the mud!! We do it when mummy and daddy aren’t watching – they don’t know the half of what we get up to! I expect it’s the same for you, lovely Boo xx

  2. Our Henry and Newt are quite jealous! They don’t go outside (too many wild animals around here, so we keep them safely indoors), but they love watching the deer that wander through the garden in the winter. I wonder if they’d be as brave as you are? :D.

    1. Whereabouts in the world do you live, John? It sounds very exciting. I’ve never seen a deer – only cows, pheasants, and other birds. We did try to chase the pheasant we saw, but it was surprisingly quick and managed to get away easily!

  3. I live in the Midwest of the USA now (where my wife is from), but I grew up in England. We have deer, coyotes, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons in the garden regularly. In fact a couple of years ago, a mummy raccoon got into the roof of the house and had a littler of raccoon kits there! Henry and Newt really didn’t know what to make of them when we finally got them out :D. By the way, the whole family were taken to a farm in the country, where they were released back into the wild, so all was well :).

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