Wow! What a show! :)

Hello my friends, Spot here!


We hope you have had a lovely weekend? It’s been a wonderful show weekend for us here in our World 🙂 After a few disappointing results at recent cat shows, the excitement from yesterday more than made up for them! 🙂


And of course it was little Annie pesky who stole all the limelight… Spike pesky says he hopes one day to have his turn too but in the meantime, he was practising his Clint look in the cat garden today. He thinks he needs to look more mean and moody to impress the judges, but I’m not so sure 😯


Spike aka Clint


So back to yesterday… it was dark and raining when the hoomins woke us up… that didn’t bode well for the day. The rain carried on pretty much all the way to the show which was in Manchester, UK, so not as far as some shows they go to, around an hour and a half’s drive.


The hoomins and the peskies got there nice and early, as usual, before anyone else and before anything was open so they had to sit in the car and chat amongst themselves for a few minutes and listen to the rain. Pretty soon, others started to arrive, so mummy could unload the car (getting very wet in the process) and start to set the stall up. Then the vets were there shortly afterwards so daddy could take the peskies to be vetted in and settle them in their pens where they had some more breakfast 🙂


A couple of hours passed… more people and their furry friends had arrived in the show hall which was full of hoomin and cat chatter; mummy’s stall was all set up and it was time for the judging to start! As per the usual GCCF rules, the judging is anonymous so all the hoomins have to leave their cats for the morning, whilst anxiously looking for the results on the boards as they are posted.


And what great results they had (mostly)! Here they are in detail 🙂



He came first out of three in his title class, but the judge decided not to award the Imperial certificate. My mummy said she was expecting this to be the case, so it wasn’t a surprise and still nice that he came 1st out of three lovely cats.

There was a bit of a wait to find out his Best of Breed class, and when it was posted, my mummy was disappointed to see it was awarded to the cat in pen 160. Spike was in pen 166. …. then she thought she’d have a look at the lovely Bengal in pen 160 – only to find out he was a Russian Blue! 😯 😯 Now, only a Bengal cat is eligible to win Best of Breed for Bengals!

So my mummy went back to the results board and could see that the judge had not written the second ‘6’ very well! It looked like a zero at first glance, but when you looked closer, it was actually a 6! Pen 166! Spike had won BoB after all!

So my mummy went to the show managers desk to clear up the confusion, and they confirmed that pen 166 had won! The show manager went over to pen 160 with my mummy where the Russian Blue had two BoB rosettes! Now, of course, in a single show you can only win BoB once – twice is being greedy 😆 But of course one of the rosettes was Spike’s and pretty soon it was placed on his pen where it should be 🙂 🙂 It’s a good job mummy checked!

That just left Spike’s side classes – he came second out of three cats in both of those, so not wonderful, but not terrible either. Kind of in the middle 😆



Wow! What a day Annie had!

She was also going for her Imperial certificate but was up against two other beautiful girls. Luckily, the hoomins didn’t have to wait long as the results were posted very quickly… and Annie had won! Fantastic! 😆

Then, it was an anxious wait for Best in Class… she was up against 3 boys, two of whom were far more experienced and had much higher titles than she’s got (they were Olympian Silvers)… but Annie won again!

Then the side classes…. the first result posted was in a class of just two… but she came 2nd 🙁 Hmmmmm…..

Then the next – in a class of 6 she also came second! Much better!

But the best was yet to come in terms of side classes: In a class of 7 for “Cat the Judge Would Most Like to Take home” Annie came first!


What great results! Everyone was sooooo pleased! But wait! There was more good news! She only went and won “Best in Show Pedigree Pet” didn’t she? Coming out on top over lots of wonderful other pedigree pets too! What an achievement and her first Best in Show at a large all-breed show!


So now I would normally share some pics, but I don’t have any at the moment of the show day 🙁 Instead we took some earlier in the cat garden to show off the lovely rosettes that were won 🙂


Silly Annie


Annie was sitting in the laundry basket being silly (as normal), so my mummy decided to pin her rosettes on there!


But they are so big, you can’t see her very well!


Where’s Annie?


So Annie decided to see if she could nibble on them to make them smaller 😉



Mmmm – these are tasty!


That Best in Show rosette is bigger than she is! 🙂


Being a good girl


Of course, Spike had a well-earned rosette too, so here they all are together 🙂


The main rosettes from the show


And here’s what everyone really wants – the title certificates! 🙂


Annie’s much-prosed certificate



Annie now has two Imperial certificates so needs three more, each from different judges, to enable her to claim the title of Imperial Grand Master Cat 🙂 Yesterday was Spike’s first attempt at the Imperial level, so he still needs 5 from different judges in order to be an Imperial Grand Premier Cat 🙂


Phew! After all the excitement of yesterday, we spent today playing in the cat garden and having lots of catnaps 🙂

Take care my friends!

Love from




6 thoughts on “Wow! What a show! :)”

  1. Wonderful day at the show Spotty! I bet your hoomins, and all you felines, are very proud of Annie. Spike had a great day too and he probably also makes you all proud of him. Thanks for the lovely pics ♥♥♥

  2. What a haul! Those peskies are beautiful little people (well, Annie’s beautiful, Spike is handsome), and clearly the judges agree. Congratulations to them both… you must be very proud. After all, you taught them everything they know :mrgreen: xxx

    1. I’m secretly very proud of them, John, but don’t tell them I said that 😉 I don’t want them to get too soppy on me when I’m trying to have a nice catnap 🙂 x

  3. What a wonderful show Spotty – how well those peskies are doing – so well deserved. I wish I could have come to cheer you on, but I think my good vibes helped to do the trick. xxxxx

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