What a lovely surprise!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Wow! Our mummy and daddy are good to us kitties! You might remember in a recent blog, I said that my mummy came home one day with lots of packages – we weren’t allowed to look at them because they were a surprise … Well, I can tell you, it was worth the wait because what a wonderful surprise it was! We got a brand new, top quality cat tree!


It’s from Tigga Towers – the very best quality cat trees you can buy! You might know that we had quite a nice cat tree already….


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Our old cat tree


But if you look closely, it’s starting to wear out a bit – connecting parts are broken so some of the platforms aren’t on it and the carpet is getting quite threadbare in places…


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
A bit worn out


So when that tree was moved and a new, solid oak base put in its place, we were quite curious!


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Oooh! What’s this?


Then a few more bits appeared…


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Hmmm… this is getting interesting πŸ™‚


And some gorgeous, squishy cushions and wonderful wicker baskets soon came out of the hiding place…


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Such squidgines!


And – even more exciting – this was followed by some squidgy catnip toys too! They think of everything, don’t they?


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Tigga Toys!


While we’d been busy inspecting all of these, my Daddy had been busy building the tree – it didn’t take long at all! But we said to him it looked odd with a hole in the platform – they must have bought a faulty item and should ask for a refund! 😯


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Oooh! There’s a hole in that platform!


But when the gorgeous squishy cover went on it, it was soon clear it was designed like that for a very good reason – our ultimate comfort! Which Friday immediately realised to be the case (she might be getting on in years, but she’s not stupid) – and she soon made herself comfortable, despite the fact the tree was still being built! πŸ™‚


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Hey Friday! You need to wait until it’s finished!


But it didn’t take many more minutes for my Daddy to finish it off and pretty soon Robbie had joined Friday to check it out!


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Hello Friday!


Lula decided to check out the igloo at the top – she likes to be up high!


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Lula checks out the igloo


And it wasn’t long before I joined them!


Β© www.bengalcatworld.com
Hello everyone!


We love our new tree! Such quality that will last for years and won’t get threadbare like our old one – yay!


What do you think of it, my friends?

Take care,

Love from Spot



38 thoughts on “What a lovely surprise!”

  1. I think you’re very lucky it’s a fabulous cat tree Spot ………..Is there something missing ? Mummy has been after this tree for a while I thought she’d at least had her own seat πŸ˜† xxx

  2. Love it! Especially the igloo and the baskets, so sturdy-looking. Best picture is sweet Friday on the hammocky section! πŸ˜€ I seem to have to reenter name/email today, wonder why?

    1. Well spotted, Mairi! πŸ™‚ Harry is a funny cat and takes a while to get used to new things – it will take about 6 months for him to check it out 😯 xxx

  3. What a fantastic tree, I’m surprised that you were 2nd last to investigate it, I would have thought you’d have been 1st in line. I think you might like the hammock, no-one seems to have tried that out yet, it’s definitely got your name on it :-). Hope you all have many happy hours playing on it, you’ve got such a lovely Mummy and Daddy I hope you’ve all said a big Thank You to them, you’ll have to be good to repay them xx β™₯ β™₯

    1. Thanks, Edna! We have tried to be good today and in fact I don’t think I’ve done many naughty things πŸ™‚ But then I have been sleeping a lot πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. I love your new cat tree. You are such lucky kitties. I must make sure my two don’t see it or they will want one too. πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Hi Spot! I think it’s absolutely lovely! Your mum and dad spoil you rotten but that’s coz they love you all very much. What a lovely hoomin and cat family you all are! xxxxxx

  6. Awww Spot, finally the surprise came out! And what a surprise πŸ˜€ . This really show how much mummy and daddy loves you all. They only want whatΒ΄s best for you and do anything to get it for you! I think youΒ΄ll all give them cuddles as a thank you! :mrgreen: Otherwise I will be shocked 😯 Aww sweetie babies, one basket for each of you (or baskets and a hammock) . But what if you get a baby sister… then itΒ΄s one too little 😯 Well I guess mummy comes up with a good solution to that also πŸ˜› Enjoy the lovely surprise. <3

        1. There weren’t any, Diane 😯 Mummy picked it up from the cat show, so it didn’t need to be in boxes πŸ™‚ xx

          1. bummer!! πŸ™„ I had won a scratching post in a contest, and I think my ‘kids’ enjoyed the box more than the post!! MOL!! :mrgreen:

  7. Spot,
    you and your friends there seem as settled as i am..My Mum and Dad came home from a recent show with a Tigga-Tower in tow too…Safe to say its better than the previous trees we’ve had..I’m glad they decided to spend their money on a quality cat tree for me and my mates here, i won’t be venturing too far away from it from now on πŸ™‚
    Tigga-Towers Rule πŸ™‚

    1. Oooh yes, Enzo! Tigga Towers definitely rule! We love having hoomins who have great taste in cat trees – just like your Mum and Dad too! πŸ™‚ xxx

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