We love squashy sofas :)

Hello everyone, Spot here!


I hope you are all well 🙂


We are so excited as tomorrow is not only Caturday, but it’s a special cat show Caturday!


It is quite a long way to travel for us, so we’re having an early night tonight which got me to thinking about one of our favourite sleeping spots which some of you may remember. It is of course the bit of the sofa that we all sleep on so much, it is almost always completely squashed down! It won’t win any awards in an interior design magazine, but us cats love it!


Here’s a few pics of us making the most of it:

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Nearly zzzzzz…..















Bengal Cat Blog Photo

















Bengal Cat Blog Photo


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo



















So I think it’s about time we went to sleep now, so I’ll speak to you soon and let you know how we got on at the show!

Love from





4 thoughts on “We love squashy sofas :)”

  1. Good luck! We’re looking forward to hearing about your day. Henry and Newt are very glad to see they’re not the only ones to squish the furnire into more comrtable shapes 😀

    1. Ha ha! We had a great day, John! I know you’ve seen my update on Facebook, I will provide a more detailed update on here tomorrow, we are all quite tired now 🙂 It’s almost 10:30pm and we’ve been up since 3:30 am 😆

      1. Very glad to hear it! It looks like well-deserved success for both you and your sister, so have a good rest, and I hope the weather’s good for you tomorrow :). Oh, and please excuse my terrible spelling in my last comment – it was from my ‘phone, which has *teeny* little keys (and I have big fat fingers by comparison :D).

        1. Thanks, John – it’s a lovely day today so we’re playing outside 🙂 Don’t worry about your spelling, I knew what you meant! I also know what you mean about the keys on phones, I can’t get my paws round them either 😆

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