Phew! What a great day!

Hello my friends, Spot here again 🙂


I hope you’re all well and your working week has started off ok for you. My weeks are usually pretty similar – lots of play, naughtiness, eating and cat-napping! Ahhh! Such is life 😆


Anyway, as you all know, we were at the cat show on Caturday. It was a double show with two cat clubs sharing the same venue so we had twice the amount of judges looking at us, but that also meant we had the potential to win twice the amount of classes!


So how did we do? Well, I needed 2 Premier Certificates to earn the title of Premier Cat, and that is exactly what I got! So all my mummy needs to do now is officially claim my title!


Lula was already a Premier Cat so was trying to earn Grand Premier certificates, you need 3 of these to earn the title of Grand Premier cat. The competition can get tougher the higher you go, but Lula was successful in gaining one certificate 🙂 She then got a Reserve certificate, which is the runner up – a lovely white Sphynx cat beat her 🙂


We had some mixed results in our side classes – I got a couple of first places and a couple of second places. Lula got a couple of first places too and got a second place out of a huge class of 11 cats of different breeds!


Here’s some pics!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Do you think I look like a Premier cat?


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oohh… I just want to play!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Pondering life and cat shows….


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula’s posh rosettes!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hey! I got some rosettes too! 🙂


Our granddaddy was at the show too, and set a great example for us! He won Best of Variety and went forward to the Best in Show finals where he finished second! We’re sure you’ll agree he’s a handsome chap! Here he is in his Best of Variety special pen 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Our granddad Sabu – in his Best of Variety pen


So a great day was had by all, but it’s our very favourite show coming up next, the Bengal Cat Club Show which is taking place on 28th July – we can’t wait 🙂


Speak again soon!


Love from

Spot xxx


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