The ones that got away – or should have!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Here at Bengal Cat World International Headquarters (aka my mummy’s office, but she wanted me to make it sound posh πŸ˜† ), we work hard to bring you new and original pics every day on our Facebook page and every week in my blog πŸ™‚


This means of course, that all of us kitties get used to having a camera following us around quite often, butΒ we know that my mummy takes a lot more photos than are actually shared? So I asked her what happens to all those other pics, the ones that are not seen online?


So, she let me into a little secret – she said that not all of the photos she takes are a good enough quality so she usually just deletes them πŸ™‚


So just for a bit of fun, today I’m going to show you how things don’t always go right when photographing us kitties – I think you hoomins have a saying: “Never work with children or animals”? This little selection will show you why! πŸ˜†



Hey, you moved!


Nice clear grass, out of focus Annie πŸ™‚


That darned grass again!



Hmmm… I think it would be better to get Lula’sΒ head in the shot too πŸ™‚


Being a light colour, it’s easy to get too much exposure when photographing Lula in the sunlight



A second ago, Annie was in shot. Now? You’ll have to admire our nice catmint πŸ™‚


Not only did Spike run out of shot, but the camera was also focused on Adam the Ant for no particular reason πŸ™‚


You really wanted to see this pole in detail, didn’t you?


Nice mouse; blurred Spike


Sometimes us kitties close our eyes just at the wrong moment, though I call this my ‘Clint Eastwood’ look πŸ™‚


This pic is just wrong πŸ™‚


I hope you had a bit of a giggle with these, my friends!

Take care!
Love from Spot







8 thoughts on “The ones that got away – or should have!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Spot! It’s good to know that someone who takes pics as beautiful as your mummy does can also mess up now and then like the rest of us πŸ˜€

  2. Love them. Of course I can relate. Sometimes the blooper works in its own way. I’ve kept some that aren’t right but they show something worthwhile still.
    Headbonks from Romeo…he insisted on talking as I typed. Kiara is asleep on my pillow.

  3. πŸ˜› You all are beautiful in ANY shot to me Spot!!! XOXOXO That happens to me too when Boo or Shiloh are doing the “Cutest Thing”, or high up in the tree in the backyard and, as soon as I focus.. “GONE” or moved….lol πŸ˜• Love, love your Clint photo Spot 😎 Very distinguished looking!!! Thank you for sharing XOXO Love to you all.

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