All the news from the show!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? I have been a good boy for most of it, except for when I climbed on the garage roof,  but you can’t expect me to be good all the time, can you? 😆


But you don’t want to know about lil old me, you want all the news from the show yesterday, don’t you? 🙂


So, it goes without saying that Spike was a very good boy  🙂 It was quite a long way to travel for him – more than a couple of hours – but he was a very good boy in the car. He did make it known to the hoomins a few times when he first got in how he didn’t really like such an early start, by chattering away to them, but he soon settled and was a very quiet boy – unlike his sister, Annie, who chattered away non stop when she went to a show on her own! 😯


When they were about half way, though, my mummy let him out of the carrier and he sat and purred on her knee for a while 🙂 The, he decided he wanted to sit in the footwell of her seat, so she had to squash up and let him have lots of room 🙂 She really does spoil that boy 😆


They had a good journey down to the show as it was so early in the morning and presently arrived at Wood Green Animal Shelter, where the show was taking place. Spike passed vetting in with flying colours and it was lucky they did arrive so early as apparently two vets didn’t turn up, and as the morning wore on, the queues for vetting in were extremely long indeed! 😯 My mummy and daddy were there so early that there was no queue at all – they just collected the relevant paperwork and went straight to the vet’s table 🙂


So no dramas for Spike, he was soon settled in his double pen and checking out his home for the day 🙂


Chillin’ in his pen


It was a very warm day and got hotter in the show hall as the day went on 😯 But Spike didn’t worry about this, as the hoomins have bought some nice fans that are especially designed for cat pens to keep kitties cool when the weather is warm. So he did literally ‘chill out’ and sleep under his fan for lots of the day 🙂


The results from the show were a little disappointing if we’re honest 🙁 It was a double show, so there were 2 opportunities for Spike to get his 3rd and final Grand certificate which means he will have caught up with Annie. But alas! It was not to be, and Spike got the Reserve Grand in both shows – still a good result, but not quite what was wanted. Things were brightened up a little, though, when he won Best of Breed in one show, beating some very lovely girls to the award, so he said he was quite happy about that 🙂


He was entered into a couple of side classes, but didn’t do very well in those either – coming 2nd in one (but it was only out of two 😆 ) and unplaced out of 7 in the other! It just wasn’t his day, which is all part of showing – you celebrate the good times and commiserate with the bad 🙂 There will be other shows after all.


So then, after a sticky day for all the hoomins, but a nice cool one for Spike, it was back to the air conditioned car for the long drive home where he had some lovely treats and also let all of us have some too 🙂


Where’s the treats?


Oh – you may have spotted the bedside table lamp is not on the bedside table… that’s because there is a certain spotty cat (who shall remain nameless) who keeps knocking it off 😆 😆


The next show is in two weeks when Lula will be going! Though we have to let you all know that this will probably be her final show, the hoomins have decided that you sometimes have to accept when you have reached your pinnacle, and Lula has been trying for 2 years now to achieve an Olympian certificate, and has not even had a Reserve. So enough is enough 🙂 Although she loves going out to show off, it costs quite a lot of money, which is not so good if you’re not really achieving anything out of it at all 🙂




Take care my friends!


Love from Spot



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