Review of 2012, Part Three: July – September

Hello my friends, Spot here!


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Hello from Spot! (and Lula too!)


Thanks for all your lovely comments and feedback about my review of the year so far! I can’t believe how quickly time flies 😉 Welcome to part three, which will cover our antics over the UK “summer” 😆 I hope you will enjoy the read 🙂




Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula loves her hammock






July was a wet month – in fact most of the months of 2012 have been quite wet!  So we managed to have quite a few lovely cat naps indoors 🙂


Lula was very happy that our mummy and daddy bought a new hammock, she loves sleeping in there – none of the rest of us get a chance!



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I love my pink cushion!










I didn’t mind that Lula had the hammock as mummy bought a lovely pink cushion too which is very comfortable – just purrfect for a cat nap!


Do you think pink is my colour?

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hey, Lula! You’ve got grass hanging out of your mouth!







Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Awww, Robbie – you’re all wet! 🙂








We did manage to get outside a little bit in between the rain showers… time to have a nibble on the grass and see if we could find any bugs to pounce on! 🙂










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I’ve been a good boy today 🙂
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
What a clever girl!






Meanwhile, Robbie didn’t need the rain to get himself wet – he managed to do that all by himself when he fell in the pond trying to catch the fish! I did laugh at him, though I don’t think he was amused! 😆











We went to 2 cat shows in July, although you could call it 3 because the first one we went to was a double show – it was 2 shows, but they both took place at the same time in the same place… so it was double the opportunity to win prizes!


The great news was that I won my breed class and Premier certificate at both shows, so I had enough certificates to claim the title of Premier cat!


Lula was going for her Grand Premier – she won it in one of the shows, but only got the Reserve in the second. She did very well in her side classes as well so mummy was very proud of us both 🙂











The last show of the month was the Bengal Cat Club Show where we both did extremely well!


I beat a lot of great cats to get first in my breed class, and I also got another Premier certificate! I didn’t actually need it as I already had my 3 needed for the title, but mummy didn’t know that would be the case when she entered me for the show as the closing date was before the other show 😉


Lula did very very well, too! She won her breed class, her 2nd Grand Premier certificate, she then won Best of Breed, won all of her side classes except one, and then even better, she won Best Neuter in Show, beating our Uncle BooBoo!! It was truly a superb day for her!




Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Not sure I like this harness!


Oh dear! Early in August Lula was very, very naughty…. this would change our lives in a big way…


My mummy and daddy chose our house due to it being in the countryside with a big field behind – a great place for cats to explore. They’ve lived here for 15 years with cats all that time, and all have been safe and happy.


Until Lula came along! There is a busy road in the area, but it’s a long way from the house for normal cats. Not for Lula, though – she wandered down there chasing butterflies and bees… This is of course much too dangerous, so there was nothing for it but to stop letting Lula having so much freedom, so over a couple of weeks, she was harness-trained, and only allowed out with her harness and leash!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oooh! Getting out of here is easy! 🙂








Then mummy and daddy decided to build our cat enclosure – it wasn’t fair on Lula only being allowed out on her leash when the rest of us were still being let out normally.


Here it is in its early stages of construction!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ahhh… it’s not so bad in here I suppose!











When it was finished, it was filled with grasses and toys and a brand new cat house for us to sleep in when we had had enough play!


Even though I had not wandered to the road like Lula did, mummy and decided it was only fair that my access to the outside is restricted to the cat garden, so it’s the same as for Lula… Naughty Lula! 🙂

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Chillin’ out…













There was just the one show in August – the Teesside Cat Club show.


I didn’t go to this one but Lula did and she did very well – again! She got her third Grand Premier certificate, so was able to claim her Grand Premier title, she also got Best of Breed and beat our granddad, Sabu, in one of her side classes! 🙂









Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hi there!









September wasn’t too bad, weather-wise, so we got to make a lot of use of our new cat garden!










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I like sitting on my mummy’s chair!









My mummy even put a lounger in the garden so she could sit with us – but she didn’t get the chance to sit on it very often! 😀





Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hey, bug! Let me catch you!










Lula carried on with trying to catch bugs – does she never get bored of doing that?

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
How do I get out of here?

















Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out (unsuccessfully) escape routes! 🙂

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I have been a good boy today 🙂













There was again only one show in September, the Wyvern Cat Club Show –  I went to this one this time, and Lula stayed at home.


Mind you, I didn’t do very well at all, so it was all in vain! Oh well, you can’t win ’em all! 🙂












So that completes part three of our 2012 review – just one more instalment to come! We had to try and be good for the last three months of the year, otherwise Santa Paws wouldn’t visit us! Find out if we managed to do that – or not!! 🙂


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot xxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Review of 2012, Part Three: July – September”

  1. Thanks for the memories! I am glad you are safe and sound in the lovely cat garden mummy and daddy built for you all. It would be too hard on all of us if anything happened to any of you! It is snowing a little here, you would enjoy chasing the flakes. My boy cat,Oliver, says Happy Cauturday from my warm lap!

    1. Happy Caturday to you and Oliver, Carol! Yes, you are right – I would love to chase some snow flakes, I’ve not really seen snow properly 🙁 Let’s hope we get some soon in our part of the UK, or else I will ask my mummy and daddy to drive me up to Scotland because they have lots up there! 🙂 xxx

  2. Thank you, Spot, for sharing more memories of your year! I’m also glad that Mummy and Daddy built the cat garden for you to keep you all safe. It looks like it is a lovely place to play and chase bugs! I’m looking forward to the next installment of your year.

    1. It is quite a nice garden, Wilma but I would much rather be allowed to play in the big field and tease the cows 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comments – part 4 should be ready quite soon 🙂

  3. Lovely review, Spot. Now I can see why you call Lula the naughty one as she did start it all. But it’s important for you both to stay safe. A question? Why did your mummy not breed you? You both are so beautiful? Hope you have a great new year and looking forward to more.

    Paula, Bowzer & Zoe

    1. Hello Paula, Bowzer and Zoe! Thank you for your comments 🙂 I am glad you can see now why Lula is such a naughty girl 😉 Mummy hasn’t bred from us because we’re really just pets and she hasn’t got enough time and attention to devote to breeding, though it is something she would love to do one day! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂 xxx

  4. Spot (and all of BCW), it’s so wonderful seeing the wonderful pics of the past year! Even though you live in the countryside, it’s better that all of you have the enclosure. All of you will be much safer that way. I would hate to have anything happen to ANY of you beautiful kitties!! That would just break my heart! At least you have a place to go outside. I live in an apartment and have no yard, so my kids don’t even get to go outside to explore. I occasionally take them out and sit on one of our lovely benches in the front of our building — in the summer, of course!! — although my oldest Siamese (Lilac) loves the snow! I actually have to let her walk in it after we have some! Looking forward to the next installment of BCW in review!! love, prayers, kitty kisses and head bonks from my crew!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Diane and hello to all your kitty kids! I suppose I am quite lucky that we’re allowed outside, when you explain it like that! 🙂 I’d not thought of that 🙂 My mummy says she’s much happier knowing we are safe, because the other thing Lula used to do when we had more freedom, that I’ve not mentioned, is that she used to go in our neighbours’ houses if they’d left the doors open, and I used to follow her! Now, our neighbours are very nice, but what if she had wandered a bit further and gone to someone’s house who wasn’t as nice? So it is the best thing all round 🙂 xxx

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