Green fingers…. or paws??

Hello my friends, Spot here!


As you may already know, my mummy and daddy are building us a cat enclosure! Although where we live is safe for most cats, Lula is a little bit too adventurous and wanders just a little bit too far which worries my mummy and daddy too much!


So they’ve decided to build an enclosure for us which will also link to the garage and an indoor cat activity centre when finished!


Much of the outdoor bit will be covered in different plants so we will have lots of areas to play in and hide from each other and play games. We will also have plants that attract flies and bugs so we will be able to carry on playing our favourite hobby of fly-catching!


The plants have all been bought, so we’ve been checking them out! 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
These look interesting plants!
















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Mmm… they smell quite nice too!



















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s all check these plants out!






















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Mmm… tasty!


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Checking out all of the plants






























We will keep you all updated of the progress of our enclosure and of course post more pics!


Speak to you soon!

Love from Spot xxxx





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