You’ve met our furry prawn… Here’s the squiggly snake!

Hello my friends, Spot here!



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hello, Audrey Heprawn!


I think a lot of you will have met Audrey Heprawn by now but in case you haven’t, she’s the furry prawn toy in the photo! She’s become quite a star on our Facebook page, so much so that we recently had a competition to name her! We were quite sad when she went missing for a day or so earlier on in the week, but luckily she turned up, safe and sound πŸ˜‰ She’s played with every day, usually by Robbie who loves her πŸ˜€


But of course, we have more than one toy, as I’m sure you can all identify with! How many toys does your cat have? We have our own toy box, filled with toys though a lot of them aren’t played with very often πŸ˜€ Us cats can be a bit fickle, can’t we? A good tip for re-energising your toys is to get some catnip! If you have it in spray form, you can spray the toy, or if you have it in dried leaf form, put a generous amount in a little bag and then put the toy in there too, hold it at the top so no catnip can come out and give it a good shake for a while! Then give to your cats and their previously-ignored toy should come back into favour! πŸ™‚


But I expect you’re wondering about the squiggly snake, aren’t you? After all, it does feature in the title of this post! We got our as-yet-unnamed squiggly snake last week and we love it! It’s actually honeysuckle and catnip! Believe it or not, anecdotal evidence would suggest that there are more cats who react to a certain type of honeysuckle than there are who react to catnip!
So here’s some photos to show you how much we’ve enjoyed playing with our squiggly snake! πŸ™‚





Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Mmmm… this smells quite good!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ooh! It is quite squiggly!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Does it work as a hat?… Perhaps not πŸ™‚


Bengal Cat Blog photo
Lula and Friday deciding whose turn it is next!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Friday won!


We love it when we get a new toy! Mummy’s putting this one away in the drawer though, and only bringing it out now and again so we don’t get bored of it! What toys do your cats like?


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot





11 thoughts on “You’ve met our furry prawn… Here’s the squiggly snake!”

  1. Your Mummy finds the best new toys for you all! It looks like everyone enjoyed playing with it. Are you going to name your new squiggly snake?

  2. Oh Spot I did laugh when I saw the *does it work as a hat* photo, it’s the random back foot that seems to be going nowhere. Aneksi often does this, the foot is not used for savagely attacking whatever she’s playing with, just comes up & hovers over her head like you :). Aneksi has many toys (I will try your catnip suggestion as she ignores so many of them) but sometimes I wonder why I buy her toys as she seems much happier with a cardboard box, carrier bag, ribbon off a box of chocolates or if I have a kitkat she sits & stares at me until I roll the foil up into a small ball which instantly becomes her *football* until it disappears under the sofa. lol.

    Have fun Spot & gang.

    Clare xxx =^.^=

  3. Spot you are so cute with your toys! You resemble a pretzel all twisted up trying to use squiggly snake as a hat! My two tuxedos love to play with two little catnip mice purchased at a local store and ignore a plethora of toys I have purchased for them–they have a box full that remain ignored! Haha! Maybe some day they will tire of those mice and dig into their unused box of toys. Have fun playing with everyone.
    Your friend, Linda

    1. Awww… thanks so much, Linda! Your cat toy box sounds a lot like ours! As I said, us cats are fickle creatures πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. Spot. . .love the pics!! I have to agree with Clare — the hat pic with the random foot in the air is hilarious. I laughed on that one too!! My cats do much the same as hers — the like the boxes, bags and rolled up balls of paper too! My youngest, Zelda Marie, however, LOVES those ‘SPOT’ plastic springs! She is forever carting one in her mouth through the house! Taby likes the furry mice, and will toss them about. I will occasionally hear one bounce off the wall. As far as a ‘general’ favorite, the YEOWWW catnip toys rule the roost! They ALL like them! There are toy boxes full of toys that seldom get played with, but once in a while, they fool me and play with an ‘off the wall’ victim — MOL!! Most of you ‘kids’ are unpredictable — but I LOVE that!! As long as I get my nightly snuggles and sandpaper kisses, I don’t mind the randomness of my kids. I will have to remember about the honeysuckle and try it on mine! I already knew about the catnip ideas for old toys. Thanks for having all of us in part of your world!1 love, prayers, kitty kisses and head bonks from all of us!!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Diane πŸ™‚ I bet you need lots and lots of toys to keep all your kids amused πŸ™‚ My mummy bought those springs too, but she has to supervise when we’re playing with them as Lula and love to chew them and they can have some little sharp bits after we’re finished πŸ™‚ I hope the snow isn’t too bad for you and you are able to get out and about ok! Purrs and kitty kisses to you too! πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Aww, I can see that you have another lovely toy now “the squiggly snake”. I can see that this is another thing I must buy for my boys. I still havenΒ΄t ordered the Audrey Heprawn (I actually think I must buy 2, one for each of my boys). I meant to order it until their birthday, which is on April 30 (the same day as my brother and also the same day as the king of Sweden =>). So I still have some weeks until I must make the order. But now when I see how much you like the squiggly snake, I think I must order that too… Gush this might be a lot to order still… =) I really enjoyed all of the pics. You must tell your daddy that IΒ΄m so happy he does this for all of us, since he always find the best pics of you also =). The one where you check if the snake fits your head is really funny, IΒ΄m sitting here laughing to myself =D =D =D. Lovely friends! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! We have lots and lots of toys, we love playing πŸ™‚ I think Selmin and Mirren will be very happy if they had an Audrey Heprawn for their birthday πŸ™‚ Our birthday is not long after that, in the middle of May – we will be 2 this year! Doesn’t time fly? πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  6. You are so right, time really fly away! It feels like we got our 2 babies just recently and after midsummer itΒ΄s 5 years ago. So my babies really get older also. But for me they are my babies all the time =). Selmin stood beside me when I was cutting moose meat for them. He checked my cutting, then he looked at me (will I get a taste also) and then I got some “kisses” from him =D. I was so happy to do the work for him and Mirrin =)

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