What a week!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Well, last week I didn’t get much time to talk to you as I had been quite naughty and my mummy grounded me! This week I’ve learned my lesson and have been quite well behaved (sort of 😯 ) but the weather? The weather has been soooo naughty! Much naughtier than me!


Here in the UK, there are many places that are experiencing terrible flooding due to non-stop rain and we’ve had 100+ mile an hour winds on top of that too! We’ve heard of terrible snow and ice in North America so we hope all of our friends are OK.


In our World, you may already know that we’ve not been flooded, but we were affected by the wind 😯 It blew over a tree in our big garden, it broke a few panes of glass in the greenhouse and it also left us without electricity for a couple of days! We were very cold my friends! Our mummy and daddy struggled at night time too, though of course us kitties can see better in the dark than you hoomins 🙂


But thankfully today, all of that seemed a long time ago as the sun was out and the sky was blue! We spent quite a lot of time in our cat garden and it gave us a chance to check out if there had been any damage in there…


I started off by checking out the garage


© www.bengalcatworld.com
The garage looks ok


Whilst Lula went looking for bugs in the borders, though I think the wind blew them all away! 🙂


© www.bengalcatworld.com
She can’t find any bugs!


So she decided to check out the other side of the garden instead


© www.bengalcatworld.com
There’s none over there either!


Meanwhile, I was keeping my paws dry and looking at daddy who was mending the greenhouse on the other side of the fence


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Careful you don’t cut yourself on that glass, daddy!


Then I decided to get down and was minding my own business, but behind me Lula had that naughty glint in her eye…


© www.bengalcatworld.com
What are you thinking, Lula?


I soon found out what she was plotting – naughty girl! 🙂


© www.bengalcatworld.com


So I decided enough was enough and went indoors for a nice catnap 🙂


© www.bengalcatworld.com
Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…

So that was our week, my friends! I hope next week is perhaps not quite so eventful!

Take care!

Love from Spot



19 thoughts on “What a week!”

  1. I guess being trapped in the house for so long gave Lula a bit of excess energy and she took it out on you! I this coming week is much kinder to you and all my friends in the UK and the US too. ♥ ♥ ♥ xxx

    1. No, I think she’s just naughty, June – plain and simple 😈 I’ve not seen the forecast for this week, Lula said she hopes we have some snow 😯 xxxx

  2. Oh dear Spot, if Lula didn’t love you she wouldn’t want to play with you and would avoid you, you wouldn’t want that, would you? It was just a playful pounce, you should have bided your time and got her back :-). These are gorgeous photos, I’m so pleased that the damage was able to be sorted and that all you kitties and Mummy and Daddy are none the worse for the experience xx ♥ ♥

    1. Oooh yes, all is sorted now Edna, you’d never know that anything had been amiss 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comments <3 xxx

  3. Oh Spot not a nice week for you…..I think you’ve had your share of bad luck , lets hope things look up for you now 😀 Oh i love that pic of Lula jumping on you go girl 😆 xxx

  4. Oh dear Spot you don’t want another week like that! Glad all is back to normal and that the sun has reappeared. Make the most of it while you can and run off some of that excess energy. I hope for all your sakes that Lula doesn’t get her wish of some snow, though there’s still a bit of winter to get through. Meanwhile, have some outdoor fun while you can.

  5. I love your blog’s Spot. The pics are always great. I saw a forecast for you for this coming week, things are going to be looking better. A whole lot less rain and not as windy. Maybe Lula’s bugs will return so she won’t have to pounce on you. Where I am it’s suppose to warm up into the 50’s. I am so looking forward to spring. I bet you are too. Has Harry even checked out the new cat tree? I think it is a great gift your hoomins gave you. It should last you a long time. Enjoy the coming week.

    1. We’ve had lots of rain today, Kay, but not so much wind 🙂 Harry has looked at the new cat tree, but has decided he won’t check it out properly yet 🙂 We hope you have a great week too! 😎 xxxx

  6. So glad you’re all OK, Spot! Now you know why chimneys should be left alone, though – just think how cosy that would have been if it hadn’t been blocked off ;). Enjoy your catnaps… I had one just after dinner, and it was lovely!

  7. Oh Spot…..I must have missed the’naughty’ bit…..what did you do? I think you all had enough punishiment ……broken trees and things….and no power…brrrrr. Hope this week gets better for all at BCW..…. 🙂

    1. I escaped into the big garden, Mairi 🙂 Then I went into a nearby garden and there was this big dog in there I’d not seen before, so I ran up the tree and wouldn’t come down for ages! Then later on, Lula broke a vase but my mummy thought it was me 🙁 But all is forgiven now :mrgreen: xxx

  8. Spot u are getting better looking with age, u are such a cool cat. I really think u should write books. Tails of spotty adventures for children aged 30 to 60 years lol xxx haha

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