We’ve been so naughty!


Hello my friends!


Oh dear! Those of you who follow my Facebook and/or Twitter pages will know that Lula and I have been very naughty recently! Yesterday, mummy got home from work and had to do a double take as she thought I was looking very odd! My fur was very dark – you couldn’t make out any of the lighter bits and I was also behaving quite sheepishly, too.


She then looked at Lula and noticed that she had black marks in her fur too, though not as bad as mine (which is a good job being as she is a Snow Bengal!). So mummy had a look around and realised that while she’d been out, we’d been up the chimney! 😯 Not only were we filthy, but so were the cream carpet and some of the sofas and chairs – eeek!


Mummy didn’t even stop to make herself a cup of tea as she normally does when she gets in from work – it was straight upstairs with us two and into the bathtub! The only problem was that she didn’t have any proper cat shampoo – only a “non-rinse” one which you can use as a spot cleaner. And no, I don’t mean me – I mean one that you can use without doing a full bath 😆 You see, she doesn’t really bathe us cats normally, she would only do it if we were really, really dirty. Like we were yesterday in fact.


Here’s some photos of us looking sorry for ourselves after our bath!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I’ve just come out, but I’m still dirty!
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
A wet Lula
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Can I go now, please?



Mummy got quite a lot of the soot out of our fur, but not quite all of it, so we are thinking that another bath might be imminent today! Especially as she went out earlier and bought some proper cat shampoo!


So, we devised a cunning plan! It’s been a beautiful day today and we were let outside as soon as mummy got home after going to a funny chap called “the dentist” and buying the shampoo 🙂  We therefore decided that if we stay out long enough, mummy will forget all about her need to wash us, and then we’ll just have our tea and settle down for our cat naps this evening!


So here’s a little of what we’ve been up to today outside!


I’ve been hiding in the foliage around the pond…

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Can you see me?



….. And Lula’s been trying to hide in the tree!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Mummy won’t see me here!




Do you think our plan will be successful and we’ll get out of having another bath? I hope so 😀


14 thoughts on “We’ve been so naughty!”

  1. Not a chance I’m afraid Spot. Mummy will be too worried about you and Lula washing yourselves and swallowing all of that nasty soot stuff still in your fur. Whilst climbing chimneys can be fun, I guess you have both learnt that there are some not so pleasant repercussions! Good luck for your bath later with the shampoo from the dentist! 😀

    1. Ooohhh … she got the shampoo from a cat doctor place that is opposite the dentist 🙂 I realise how funny that sounds now ha ha! She did call our own cat doctor (who isn’t opposite the dentist) yesterday as soon as she’d given us our bath, to check on any effects the soot could have.. they said as long as we weren’t coughing and wheezing, that we should be OK though it obviously isn’t ideal for us to lick the soot off 🙁

      But we still don’t know what we did wrong and we’ve been trying to pull the cardboard off the fireplace that mummy put there as we want to go back up the chimney – it was good fun 😆

  2. Oh, poor Spot – you both do look so sorry for yourselves! I suppose it’s one thing to choose to get wet, and quite another when you’re made to :(. But you’re back to looking handsome again, so it’s all been worthwhile :).

    Now, please stay away from the chimney in future, or you might end up like Henry and Newt when they did the same: they went from their lovely tabby and white to charcoal grey, and it took *ages* to get them clean. They really didn’t like that at all ;).

    1. Oh, I’m so glad we’re not the only ones who find the chimney interesting! There’s a friend (Jocelyn) on FB who said her cats did it too! And they live in New Zealand, so it’s obviously fascinating to cats on all continents 😆

      How long did it take to get Henry and Newt’s fur clean, John? We’ve got a cat show in the middle of July – do you think it will be gone by then? I hope so as mummy paid a lot of money for that show – its two-shows-in-one, so double what it normally costs! 😯

      1. It’s that curiosity thing, isn’t it? :D.

        For Newt (who is a short-hair, and meticulously clean) it took just under two weeks. For Henry, who has very long fur, it took a few days longer. The was a lot of creosote in the chimney ash, which made it more difficult, so I think both you and Lula will be fine for your show, don’t worry! But I do suspect you’ll both have to have another bath at some point – sorry :(.

        1. My mummy said that “curiosity killed the cat” – I’m not sure what she’s on about, as we weren’t in any danger… or at least I don’t think we were 🙂

          Mummy said thanks very much, you’ve put her mind at rest about the show, though there’s still a little bald patch on my shoulder she’s keeping her eye on! I rubbed the fur off from there a few days ago and it’s not showing signs of re-growing! I sound like such a naughty cat, don’t I? 🙂

          And I did see her reading the instructions on that new shampoo bottle just now…… 😯

          1. Dear oh dear, you have been in the wars, haven’t you? Well, the fur will grow again – let’s just hope it does in time for the show! :D. Now, stop worrying your mummy :).


    1. We haven’t got much choice at the moment, Susan, as mummy has stuck cardboard over the hole pretty well! When daddy gets back from working away, I think he’ll come up with a much more permanent solution!

      We haven’t had a bath yet, and we’ve been in for nearly an hour, so I am keeping my paws crossed that mummy has forgotten! 😀

  4. That’s so funny Spot and Lula, you are just as naughty as I am after all! Boring Mummy has got some good cat shampoo and she says she will come and help your Mummy bath you, if she wants some help – you poor things, she bathed me once when I rolled in mud before a show! So proud of you both! Uncle BooBoo xxx

    1. Awww… thanks Uncle BooBoo! We did have another bath and we are actually quite well behaved – I made loads of noise but just let mummy get on with it, and Lula didn’t even really make much noise! Just let mummy do what she needed to do! I’m not saying we *like* having baths, but we can put up with them if we need to 🙂

      Mummy says most of it is out now – especially on Lula, so she doesn’t think we need another one! But she said thanks for the offer, and if we ever need another bath, she’ll give you a call! 🙂

  5. I’m so relieved to hear that you’re both clean now Spot!

    Don’t behave too well when Mummy washes you, you don’t want her to think you like it, wriggle about a bit and get her wet aswell!!!

    Lots of love and purrs, UncleBooBoo xxx

    1. Oh, I did do lots wriggling! Mummy was very wet! But if I have another one, I’ll wriggle even more – thanks, Uncle BooBoo xxx

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