We learn new things every day!

Hello my friends, Spot here again!


After all that rain, we’ve had a couple of reasonable days and we’ve managed to get outside much more often! Lula would be out from dawn till dusk if she was allowed, whereas I prefer to have a bit of a wander, then come in for a cat-nap and then go out again 🙂


We’re still only just over a year old, so learning new things all the time! Though I must say that Lula still hasn’t learnt that bees and wasps sting and that she shouldn’t catch them 😯 I stopped doing that after my paw got stung, and it was so badly swollen, my mummy had to take me to the cat doctor! Now, he is a nice man, but he’s not the kind of chap I want to visit unless it’s absolutely necessary – don’t you agree?


Anyway… we don’t need to go to the cat doctor at the moment as we are both fit and well, despite our chimney adventure! So what have we been up to?


Well, with the weather being a bit warmer, our mummy and daddy opened the downstairs windows quite wide to let fresh air in the house. We realised that when we are at the front of the house, instead of walking all the way to the back door to come in, we can come in through the front window instead! It was Lula who first showed me how it’s done, she’s usually much more adventurous than I am, so I let her take the lead 🙂 Then if it all goes wrong, she’s the one who gets into trouble! Haha! I am such a good brother 🙂


Here’s Lula in action….


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula weighing everything up… I’m staying on solid ground for now.


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hmmm… everything *looks* OK…


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I’ll just climb up here!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Made it!!



Awww… she’s such a clever girl! Needless to say, I followed her a little while later 🙂


Speak again soon!

Take care,



6 thoughts on “We learn new things every day!”


    1. Thank you, Katherine 🙂 We love to share our stories and photos, so we’re very pleased that people like reading them 🙂

  2. Perfect tummy shots Lula – just to prove that the spots are everywhere! 🙂 How clever of you to work the window access out so quickly. It’s a shame Spot always lets you take the lead (and the heat!) but, then again, men have always been a little slower on the uptake! 😀

    1. Lula is quite clever I suppose, but I am cleverer! (is that a word?) Because, you see, if she goes first, I can watch and see if it goes OK and also see what works well and what doesn’t! Now that to me is a much more intelligent way of doing things 😀

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