Thoughtful Bengals?

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely and relaxing weekend. We’ve been a bit bored as the weather has not been kind… it’s been quite windy and wild! No snow, though, so Lula (and mummy) are not impressed by that! 😯


We did have bit of drama in the house, though, as something broke yesterday! 😯 I’m not exactly sure what it was, it was some kind of tank that’s hidden away in one of the cupboards we can’t get into… but what it meant was that a new one had to be bought! And in turn that meant a new box! And this was a BIG box! So my mummy cut a couple of holes out here and there… kitty heaven for hours! 🙂


Other than that, though, we’ve been quite quiet. We’ve not broken anything (other than the ornament that Annie broke the other day, but that was mummy’s fault for putting it in a silly place) and we’ve not done any other naughties (that we’ll admit to in public at least. My mummy and daddy read this, don’t you know?).


But it did get me thinking that us Bengals sometimes give the wrong impression to you hoomins. You think of us as naughty and loud and boisterous – yes? Well sometimes of course we are all of those things, but we also like to have our down time too and think of one of my mummy’s favourite poems:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare….


So I’ve been searching through the archives and found some evidence of us doing just that!


Staring at a birdie


Lula’s not quite got the hang of it yet, not much staring going on here…




Annie struggles to completely sit still


“Hmmm.. thesis are funny-looking treats!”


Whilst Spike likes to set a good example


Spike staring though not standing


But of course I am the master of this!

More birdies?


Whilst Lula needs a bit of coaching in this area I feel….




Spike and Annie like to stare together


Still not standing


Whilst I continue to show ’em how it’s done


My Clint stare 😉


It looks like Annie has finally got the hang of it!

Thoughtful Annie


So I’d better show them just once more how it’s done 🙂


Showing them how it’s done


So there we have it! Proof that us Bengals can have our quiet moments and reflect upon birdies, and treats, and toys, and dinner time, and breakfast time, and what mischief we can get up to later on 🙂

Take care my friends!
Love from





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