The Adventures of a Cat Called Lula

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Wow! We had a bit of excitement in our World today – or at least Lula did! 😆 The hoomins weren’t able to capture it all on camera as it happened so quickly, so we’re going to use some of our archived pics to tell the tail…..


So Lula was sitting inside where it was all nice and warm and cosy – just purrfect for a catnap. When – for some reason known only to her – she decided she wanted to go outside! 😯 So she looked longingly outside and miaowed at mummy very loudly until she got the hint and took her out!


Looking longingly outside


Once outside, Lula was chillin’ on the deck of mummy’s office, wondering where all the juicy bugs have gone, when she thought she heard a noise!


Lula looking for bugs


She crept into the garden and got down low so she would not be seen so easily


Lula getting down low


And then all of a sudden, she saw the reason for the noise! 😯 😯 It was coming from a big marbled tabby cat who had somehow got into the cat garden, but who couldn’t get out again!


Big Marbled Tabby Cat (not actual one in garden)
Big Marbled Tabby Cat
(not actual one in garden)


So Lula decided to chase the cat around as she was not happy he was in her garden! Round and round they went very quickly with the Big Marbled Tabby Cat trying (unsuccessfully) to get over the fence with a snowy spotty Bengal cat on its tail!



This was different to the times when Lula chases after Spike as that’s all play


Lula contemplating chasing Spike


This was serious! My mummy saw what was going on but couldn’t catch either cat! What were we to do? My mummy couldn’t open the gate for the Big Marbled Tabby Cat to get out as Lula would no doubt be following hot on his tail, so it really was a bit of a conundrum 😯 But one thing was known, this couldn’t go on forever, the Big Marbled Tabby Cat seemed to be very well looked after and would no doubt have hoomins at home wondering where he was!

Eventually, it all calmed down a bit and Lula went and hid in the garage. Mummy tried to get her out so she could put her back inside, but she wasn’t having any of it… so mummy had to take a bit of a gamble – she opened the gate to let the Big Marbled Tabby Cat out and just hope that Lula didn’t come out of hiding and chase after him!

This plan was soon successful and the drama was over. Lula came out of the garage and went up high on her cat tower to check that the coast was clear.


Checking the coast is clear


After a while, she was happy all was well so went in her hammock for a nice nap…


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


… and dreamt of when she was a showgirl strutting her stuff 🙂




And while all that was going on, us three brown spotties along with the moggies, were all tucked up inside in the warmth dreaming of chicken treats (at least I was) and completely oblivious to all the excitement outside! 😆


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot


8 thoughts on “The Adventures of a Cat Called Lula”

  1. Oh dear, Lula. How dare a stranger intrude on your private garden ! You did the right thing to defend your territory, but I’m glad you didn’t catch him and end up in a most unladylike fight.

  2. Oh Lula, this sounds like our feral chasing Mirrin, but Svartin is fighting Mirrin also. Now I´m really out of thoughts how to handle this. 🙄 Does you Spot or you Lula have any idea what I should do to Svartin so he let Mirrin and Selmin come and go as they please in our and their house??? Well Lula, I must say that I am happy you didn´t catch the tabby, he might have been a bit too much for you dear 😯 😉

    1. It’s a tricky one with Svartin. You have had him neutered which should have helped, it can take a while for him to calm down afterwards as the hormones are still present in his system. Lula says she would have won against the tabby! 🙂 🙂

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