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Hello my friends, Spot here!


Phew! What a day yesterday was! I had so much peace and quiet, it was great! Harry and Robbie had a little play fight now and again which woke me up, but Friday was a good girl, she had lots of catnaps on the cat beds in the bathroom! We love the bathroom as it has a nice heated floor – just purrfect for a snooze 😉


I even let little Annie share my bed in the bathroom sometimes (when she’s not off gallivanting 😉 )


Annie is such a silly girl!


But what’s that you say? You’re not interested in all that? Hurrumph 😯 Well, I suppose I’d better let you all know about a little cat show the peskies and Lula went to, yes?


So, despite the fact the me and the moggies weren’t going, we were ALL woken up at some unreasonable time of the morning whilst the hoomins got ready. My mummy is still not very well, so my daddy was making most of the noise, naughty man 🙁 He would tell me off if I made all that noise and woke him up like that! 😯


Eventually daddy drove everyone off, and we were left in peace again whilst they made their way down to the exhibition halls in Birmingham. They got there very early and were at the front of the queue which was great as it meant there was only a few minutes to wait for the halls to open. Every cat has to be vetted in before a show, and although there are a lot of vets there, there are also a lot of cats (over 800 were there yesterday) so if you get there at peak times, you might have to queue for anything up to an hour!


But vetting in was passed with flying colours and they made their way to their pens. Unlike normal GCCF shows, everyone decorates their pens at the Supreme and we are very lucky as our friend Alex goes to the halls the afternoon before and sets up all our pens for us, so all my daddy had to do was find the pen numbers and settle everyone in! He made sure the litter trays had lots of nice clean litter (Lula loves to sleep in her litter tray at shows) and also that they had lots of fresh water and yummy food. So they could all then relax and wait for everyone else to turn up and the show to start!


Spike was the first to be judged in his breed class, but we weren’t confident at all! There were 7 stunning male kittens in the class, including the one who had won Best Kitten at the Bengal Cat Club show a couple of weeks earlier. The judge was very meticulous and examined each cat very carefully, he said how difficult it was, and how wonderful they all were…. but eventually after careful consideration, he made his decision and Spike was the winner!!! What a wonderful surprise!


Then it was the turn for the girl brown spotty Bengal kittens to be judged, so all the boys went back to their pens with the exception of Spike! He stayed in the judging ring pen as there was still the matter of Best of Breed to decide. There were 5 wonderful girls, the winner was chosen so it was then up to the judge to decide between the female and Spike for Best of Breed! And Spike won! Yay! 🙂


Best of breed! 🙂


There was a bit of time then to take Spike back to his own pen and give him lots of cuddles before it was Annie’s turn! Her class was much smaller as there was another female pedigree pet kitten who was absent, so she was awarded 1st place in her class. But then she had to face the winner of the male class to decide best of breed! The winner from the male pedigree kitten was also a gorgeous Bengal and again the judge was very thorough in his considerations before finally choosing Annie as the winner! What another great result!


Annie’s judge seemed to like her!


After lots more cuddles with Annie, Spike and of course Lula who was on exhibition for the Bengal Cat Club, there was then more time to relax before the special kitten class. This is a fun class just for kittens – Lula entered it when she was a kitten and she came 3rd which was an excellent result so Spike and Annie had a lot to aim for! 🙂 When Lula was in it, back in 2011, there were over 80 kittens entered, yesterday there was a little over 60. But that’s still quite a lot, so it was split into 4 sub classes 🙂 Spike unfortunately wasn’t placed, but Annie won her class! What a clever girl! 🙂


Then we were back to the more serious classes – the Best of Variety (BOV)! This is where all the winners from each group are judged against each other for Best in Show! So Spike was up against 20+ other winning kittens from the ‘foreign’ category which is what Bengals are classed as. He was up against Egyptian Maus, Russian Blues; Marbled and Snow Bengals; etc etc….. But unfortunately his luck had run out and he wasn’t chosen as the winner. A lovely silver Egyptian Mau won. So that was the end of the excitement for Spike, he could just chill in his pen for the remainder of the afternoon.


For household pets, the process is a bit different. Spike was judged just by one judge for his BOV, but there was a panel of 3 to judge who should be put forward for best household pet adult pedigree, adult non pedigree and kitten. Unfortunately again, this is where Annie’s luck ran out too and they chose a gorgeous Siberian boy called Tommy as the winner! We didn’t mind so much as we know Susie, who is Tommy’s breeder, so we were very happy for them 🙂


Here’s Annie’s BOV judging 🙂


Annie’s BOV judge #1


Annie’s BOV judge #2


Annie’s BOV judge #3


So that was that for another year. Fairly soon, it was time for my daddy to pack everything up and to drive them all home again where we all had lots of treats and a nice dinner 🙂


Take care my friends!


Love from Spot



28 thoughts on “Supreme News!”

  1. Fantastic blog as usual Spot and your Daddy’s photo’s are fantastic, wish there were some of Spike although I love Annie too. A very eventful, successful day and, wonder of wonders,you seem to have been a very good boy and looked after the house and the other kitties extremely well, I hope you got some of your special chicken treats for being so good xxxx <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you, Edna 🙂 There is the one of Spike with his judge :mrgreen: :mrgreen: The lighting is really bad in the NEC, so it’s hard to get photos that don’t look all yellow 🙂 we all got lots of our favourite chicken treats and our friend Gabriella came to see everyone at the show and very kindly gave us lots of bags of treats too 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  2. It was so great to meet The Peskies , Lula, Mummy and Daddy 😀 I’ve rather fallen for Spike but you’re still my best boy Spot 😛

  3. hello Spotty, photos look great. I so wanted to go but was to far for me at this time to travel. Annie looks so relaxed.
    Great read for a monday!
    love you all xxxx

  4. Awww Spot I loved to hear what you´d been up to when mummy and daddy left with some of your siblings. Although I loved to hear about the cat show! You have very lovely brother and sisters! Thank you for letting us know what they was up to and what they won! Congratulations to them! <3 :mrgreen:

  5. At last! got my computamabob back and can read your tales from the show!! Well done Spike and
    Annie…..sure looks as though the judges loved to cuddle with you both. Glad you had a pawsome day with snoozes Spot, hope mummy is mending nicely, and that you are taking care of her xxx 🙂 🙂

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