Sunshine in our World!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


What a lovely Caturday we’re having! I can’t believe that only a week ago, our cat garden still had a good covering of snow on it:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I like to watch the world (and the birdies) go by from under here


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula loves the scratch posts in the garden – whatever the weather!


Today? A completely different Caturday! The sun is shining, there’s hardly a cloud in the sky and the winds we’ve been having have calmed down too! I think I might even forgo some of my cat naps to make the most of this weather πŸ™‚


I can watch the world (and the birdies) go by from on the roof of our cat house!


Bengal cats in the garden
I can see more from up here!


Whilst Lula still loves those scratching posts!


Bengal cats in the garden
Enjoying a good manicure!


And the other cats don’t miss out on the opportunity for some lovely fresh air either!


Little Friday can get a good view of the field from the top of the fence post.


Friday's watching the birdies
Friday’s watching the birdies


Robbie chills out on the patio


Keeping an eye on the territory
Keeping an eye on the territory


Whilst Harry ponders whether or not to explore in the field!


Should I go for a wander...?
Should I go for a wander…?


I’m sure we’ll all be ready for a nice dinner and catnap later on though!


I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as much as we are πŸ™‚
Love from Spot




16 thoughts on “Sunshine in our World!”

  1. Hi Harry

    Get your rucksack
    Get Audrey. .
    Go wandering .. Stay east .
    Follow the yellow brick road & you find me

    Oohhhhhh Harry .. Scampi .
    Mmm see u at six πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you are all out enjoying your lovely day! Spring is finally coming here, too. Oliver is having a few fairly comfortable days, eating a little and being loved on and held. Nose kisses to all, sweet little Friday especially.

  3. It’s nice to see all 5 of you out and enjoying a nice day. You’re certainly a handsome lot kittehs. Love Friday’s pic….stealing that one for my screensaver! Shhh don’t tell mummy and daddy *wink wink* Enjoy the rest of your day *kitteh hugs*

    1. I won’t tell if you won’t, June! Little Friday said she quite enjoys all this attention! πŸ˜› :mrgreen: xxxx

  4. Glad to hear that your snow is gone. Hope it stays that way, it seems winter does not want to go away this year. It is nice to see you all outside. Just don’t stray frome home. It is a nice day here also. I hope it stays nice for both of us. Enjoy the day. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks, Kay! Harry, Friday and Robbie never go very far and we are always in our cat garden when we’re outside so all is good! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! :mrgreen: xxx

  5. Ooh Spot what a lovely Caturday you are all having.

    I have been playing with Priscilla my furry prawn & my pink toy mice.

    Now I’m having a catnap in my bed.

    Love Anyah xxx

    1. You have such lovely toys, Anyah! You mummy and daddy look after you very well πŸ˜€ I hope you have a great weekend! :mrgreen: xxxxx

  6. Awww, as usual such lovely pics! I really enjoy looking at all of you at BCW. Yesterday we had lots of visitors and to get some comfort Selmin sneeked up with his Furry Prawn. That was good he said. Mirrin went outside to have some quiet moments to himself. He thought it was to much noice inside! πŸ˜† Today they are relaxing both Mirrin and Selmin just take catnaps and relax, so sweet they say. :mrgreen: Hope youΒ΄re having a lovely day today also! xxx

    1. That sounds like a good plan, it’s always best to keep out of the way when the hoomins have visitors I think! 😈 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :mrgreen: xxx

  7. You are so right, itΒ΄s best to keep out of the way when we have visitors. Mirrin and Selmin have learnt that πŸ˜‰ . We really enjoyed our weekend and now a new week have started. I hope all of you will have a lovely and relaxing week 😎 πŸ˜€ <3

  8. Awww it looks so lovely all of the pics. I can really see that you enjoy the good weather πŸ˜‰ . Here the weather is also lovely now, the sun is shining and almost all the snow is gone and almost all the water also. It rained the other day and thereΒ΄s a lot of flood all over here around. This year we managed to pass that πŸ˜› . Some years ago we had lots in the cellar and it took almost 6 months until it was all dried out so we could put the mats back inside. That was not fun. Mirrin and Selmin didnΒ΄t come inside or outside the day it happened either, so it was terrible for them also. Well this year weΒ΄ve managed without it and thatΒ΄s lovely πŸ˜€ . Hope the rest of your weekend will be as lovely as today has been πŸ˜€ . Hugs to all of you my dear friends xxxxx

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