Such a naughty cat!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula being good. For a change 🙂


Hello my friends!


Well, I know you all know my sister, Lula, by now… despite the fact that she’s a Snow Bengal and I’m a Brown, we are in fact twins.  But just in the same way that we look different, we behave very differently, too – in particular, she’s much, much more naughty than I am, despite her innocent looks 😆


Her favourite hobbies include:

Climbing trees…

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Contemplating the tree...


Chasing flies…

Bengal Cat Blog Photo


Running in the field…

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ooohh... look at all these bugs i can chase!


… but today, Lula was even more naughty than normal!


When mummy came home from work, she opened the doors to let us out so we could enjoy the sunshine that we’re blessed with in the UK at the moment! So me, Harry, Robbie and Friday had a lovely run around the garden, chasing each other and generally having an enjoyable time playing.


But where was Lula? We weren’t too sure. Until, that is, the doorbell rang and when Mummy answered it, our next door neighbour was there! She asked Mummy if she could come and fetch Lula who had wandered into their garage and had hidden behind some boxes and wouldn’t come out again!


Well, my Mummy armed herself with our favourite chicken cat treats and rushed over there straight away! It took some coaxing, but she finally managed to get her to come out, and so brought her home 😀


What a naughty girl! So we then had our dinner (Chicken and Turkey) and Lula had a cat-nap (on MY favourite windowsill, I might add) as though there wasn’t a care in the world!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo


Sisters! Sometimes I think they are lots and lots of trouble 😆





2 thoughts on “Such a naughty cat!”

  1. They ARE trouble :D. But it’s good that she’s OK – it sounds like she was scared for a while, and it was very good of you to let her nap there :). You’ll have to keep a close eye on her in the future.

    1. You’re right, John. She is not often a scaredy-cat, but I think she was then. It might teach her a little lesson to not wander in places where she shouldn’t! It’s a good job we have very lovely neighbours as well 🙂

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