Spotlight on … Harry

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Last week we started off our “Spotlight” series with Spike, so we’d now like to welcome you to the second episode! And today’s spotlight is on our bashful Harry cat! Now of course, we know he’s not a Bengal, but he’s loved equally like all 7 of us are 🙂


So to start with, here’s a bit of background info about Harry. He was born on a farm in Shropshire, UK in August 2004 so is 10 years old. The cat charity, Cats Protection, were working with the farmer to try to reduce the ever-growing feral cat colony he had on his farm, so Harry and all his tortie / calico sisters were taken away from their mother when they were just two days old. They were then hand-reared before being re-homed when they were ready… and that’s when Harry joined our family!


He was such a scruffy kitten! He was always falling asleep in his food bowl, and no matter how many times he was cleaned up, his nose always looked dirty and never the pure white it does now!


Before… dirty nose….

Baby Harry


And after! Clean nose!


Nice and white nose!


Harry is a very affectionate boy with his family, but is quite shy and hates anyone coming to his house. He’s not a big fan of having his photo taken either! 🙂




We can see you!


But all that does mean he’s a great defender of the territory and all us cats rely on him to make sure no undesirables come into our garden!


Checking out the territory


He loves to be outdoors with his best friend, Robbie, especially when the weather is nice. He doesn’t have to stay in the cat garden because he never wanders far, in fact he’s usually in the big garden somewhere when he’s out


Watching the cows in the field behind the big garden


Enjoying the garden


Although Harry is generally a healthy, happy boy, he has probably had more trips to the cat doctor than any of the other cats. We think this is down to him being hand reared as he didn’t have all the goodness of his mother’s milk to build up his immunity. But of course, he will get whatever treatment he needs whenever he needs it, he needs to keep his strength up to carry on looking after all of us in our World 🙂


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot



30 thoughts on “Spotlight on … Harry”

  1. What a fine handsome, big boy! We call that a tuxedo cat, do you also Spot? A tuxedo is a fancy black and white suit!

  2. Aww, aren’t you gorgeous Harry. I love you’re baby photo, I wish I could have seen you asleep in your food :-). You’re such a shy boy but you’re a little darling and I bet your bothers and sisters love you. Bless you xx <3 <3

  3. I’m sure you haven’t bothers, I’ve tried to correct it but it won’t let me, I meant ‘brothers’ of course lol

  4. Aw sweet Harry ! Guess you were Dirty Harry when you were a baby, not having had a Mumma around to teach you how to wash your face. But what a smart adult you’ve grown to be. Despite the minor bumps along the way, it good to see you keeping fit under Mumma Di’s watchful eyes. Lovely to see this history of your life in BCW.

  5. My cat Gracie is around the same age as Harry and is a Tuxedo too. Same charateristics as well. Shy, doesn’t like having her photo taken, but very protective and she keeps our Bengal Cross, Tyger in line. I love Tuxedos most of all. they are just great. Love Harry too. He’s a real beauty.

  6. What a beautiful boy Harry is. He must be a great guard cat! I love his baby pictures with his dirty little nose. Xx

  7. Harry is a lovely boy, and he may have been a bit of a mucky kitten, but he grew into a very handsome ‘sparkly’ clean Tux kitty. <3 xx

  8. Awwww sweet Harry! You are such a handsome boy! Wish i could meet you, but since you don´t like strangers you probably would think i was invading your property ;). Please tell mummy to give you some extra cuddles from me <3. Thank you Spot for sharing Harry´s photos! <3

    1. Thanks, Betta, and you are very welcome! 🙂 Harry hides behind the sofa if he thinks anyone is about to visit, silly boy 🙂 xxx

      1. Awwww sweet boy! Not easy when you don´t like changes! Our boys are the same, or they do go out through their own door when people, they don´t know, comes =). So I´m used to this hide and seek thing ;). Will get a visitor from Norway in a couple of weeks… Just wondering how long Mirrin and Selmin will stay outside and be cautious 😉

  9. Dear Spot 🙂 Im so happy you shared Harry with us.He is so sweet and beautiful. I hope he feels better now.Looking forward the next instalment,I hope you will show everybody.You are such a sweet kitty family <3 <3

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