“Spot” the difference :)

Hello again! Spot here!


I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend! 😆 I can’t wait for Caturday!


I thought it would be fun to try something new today! How about we play a little game? 😀


Below are two similar photos, but there are 6 differences between them! So can you “spot” the differences? Let me know what you think the answers are in the comments below! (and no sneaky peeking at other people’s answers 😯 !!).


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Photo 1


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Photo 2



So how did you do? Was it too easy for you? Shall I do a more difficult one next time?


Speak soon!
Love from Spot




17 thoughts on ““Spot” the difference :)”

  1. one door handle is silver , pot is dif colour and pink flowers missing , blue wire/string missing and square tile missing and dif colour blue on spots matt 🙂

    1. You are very good, Lucy but you missed one! 😆 The pot/flowers is the same thing, so there is another one you need to find 😀

  2. I *think* I found them all (I didn’t peek at Lucy’s answer – honest!). This is likethe “Spot the Difference” pictures from Rupert annuals when I was growing up :). Anyway, here they are:

    Right door-handle different colour
    Spot’s sleeping-pad a different blue
    Flowers missing from flower pot
    Colour of flower pot different
    Pattern on floor missing in second photo
    Leaves missing from plant in top left of photo

    1. Aha! This is so much fun! Like Lucy, you got five out of six, John, because the flowers in the flower pot aren’t missing, they’ve just been made a different colour like the pot has, so this is one difference rather than two. You got the leaf in the top left which is the one that Lucy missed, but there is one that Lucy got that you’ve missed 🙂

      And I’m loving the reference to Rupert annuals! 😆

  3. Ah yes! The blue wire :D. Oh well, five out of six isn’t bad :). I’ll try harder next time :).

    Yes, Rupert is wonderful – I still have some of the annuals :D.

    1. I will make it more difficult next time… that was just an easy introduction 😆 But well done for getting all 6!

      My mummy said she was more a “Bunty” girl herself 😀

      1. Please do! I enjoy these sorts of puzzles, so thank you :).

        Yes, I remember that one as well, although I grew up reading The Dandy :).

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