Playing in the fountain

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you’re having a good day 🙂 I’m sure you must be as it’s very nearly Caturday – my favourite day of the week!


I’ve had a lovely day today – I’ve been out in our special little cat garden and I’ve tested out that fountain! It’s been a little too chilly or rainy recently for me to have much of a play in it, but as soon as the weather warms up, I don’t think you’ll see me very far away from it 😆


Lula didn’t seem that bothered by it, perhaps she’s more of a fair-weather-fountain-player?


Here’s some pictures of me!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Look at all this water!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
It's coming from all directions!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I don't mind getting wet 🙂


2 thoughts on “Playing in the fountain”

  1. A wonderful study in spottiness, Spot :). Perhaps you could have a word with our Henry – he seems terrified of water.

    1. I’m not sure what I could do, John. As you know, many cats don’t like water. I really don’t know why, there’s really nothing to dislike about it! But then Lula and I don’t mind the vacuum cleaner, whereas the other three run away as soon as the cupboard door is opened! Cats are funny creatures, just like you hoomins actually… 😆

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