Our favourite hobbies (part 2)

Hello my friends, Spot here!

Doesn’t time fly? Β It seems like it was only yesterday when it was the weekend and I promised to share some pics with you of Lula and her hobbies πŸ™‚ I am a cat of my word, so here’s the promised second part of our little mini-series πŸ™‚


All our regular readers will know straight away what Lula’s favourite hobby is – chasing bugs! She spends all day chasing them in the good weather!


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I’m going to get that pesky fly!
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Oooh! Look at all those juicy bugs up there!


Another regular activity is climbing trees! She has to make do with the apple tree in our cat garden most of the time, but sometimes she manages to get into the big garden and up the big oak tree she goes! (though it’s a shame she can’t get down quite so easily 😯 !!)

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Hello there!
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Lula loves being silly in the oak tree!


Two more firm favourites of Lula’s are bags and boxes πŸ™‚ If ever there is a bag or a box on the floor, it doesn’t stay empty for long, there’s soon a snowy Bengal in there!


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Cat in the box!
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Checking out the shopping bag!


Lula always used to love exploring in the big field behind our house, but she was so adventurous, she wandered too far and so that’s why we had the cat garden built πŸ™ But here she is, coming home after a long day of fun!


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I’ve had such fun on my adventures!


We all know that cats are carnivores, but our Lula does love to nibble on the green stuff every day! She says it’s great for her complexion! πŸ˜† Purrsonally, I think it helps her digestion, silly girl! πŸ™‚


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The final thing that Lula loves doing, that you may not have been aware of before, is helping mummy to make the bed! Especially when she’s putting fresh sheets on! Lula loves to get in between the quilt and the new sheet πŸ™‚ My mummy always tells her what a good job she does… though I’m not quite sure why she grits her teeth as she says that??


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“Helping” mummy make the bed πŸ™‚


So there we have it, our silly Lula and her favourite hobbies πŸ™‚ We hoped you enjoyed the pics!


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot



25 thoughts on “Our favourite hobbies (part 2)”

  1. Oh my! What fun you have, Lula! πŸ˜€ I especially love how you ‘help’ mummy with making the bed πŸ˜† My kitties do the same thing! Love you all at BCW! <3

  2. What a beautiful, clever sister you have, Spot. I love all the photos, especially those of Lula in the tree and helping Mummy make the bed. You’re such lovely,helpful twins, chicken treats for you both I think xx β™₯ β™₯

  3. Pawsome pics Spotty boy! Love Lula up the Oak tree….and helping to make the bed….that’s a great talent! I really think treats for both are the order of the day. {Do Robbie,Harry and little Friday get treats too? ]

    1. Yes they do, Mairi! We all get lots of treats from our daddy :mrgreen: Mummy is a bit more stingy with them, she says she doesn’t want us to get fat 😯 xxx

  4. oh how funny!!! I knew Lula liked the bugs, but the boxes, bags and making the bed are too funny!! πŸ˜› Spot, I have several of mine that like to help me make the bed as well. I can understand what your Mummy means when she tells Lula that she is doing a great job πŸ˜• — I do that with mine!! πŸ˜‰ And, of course, a box must stay in the house for at least a week — until the ‘novelty’ wears off!! πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I think you kitties like the bags and boxes better than your toys!! πŸ˜• Once again, lovely pics of Ms Lula!!! Keep the great stories and pics coming — need more of Robbie, Harry and Friday too!!! love and prayers to all at BCW!! :mrgreen: <3 <3 <3

  5. Aaaah Lula just as I thought, the bugs are most important! ItΒ΄s the same with my boys also πŸ˜† . Although to help mummy make the bed with new sheets Selmin loves also! :mrgreen: It always take a bit longer because he have to check everything before I can put it in the bed πŸ˜€ . DonΒ΄t know if he believes I have done a bad laundry washing… 😳 But so far he havenΒ΄t complained :mrgreen:

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