More Whoopsies!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


We’ve had a glorious weekend in our World! The last little bit of the warmer weather is hanging on by its claws 🙂 So we’ve been making the most of it outside in our cat garden 🙂 We hope you have had a lovely weekend too?


My hoomins have been very busy, though, so they’ve not had much chance to take many pics of us today, so I though it would be fun to share with you some more of our pics that should never be published! Lol 🙂 My mummy would be quite annoyed if she found out I was showing off all her bad photography, so don’t tell her will you? Our little secret lol 🙂


So the first lesson for my mummy is that it’s usually a good idea to get the whole cat in the pic…


I do have legs too, you know…


But I suppose at least she managed to get my face in that pic… she quite often doesn’t even manage that! 😯


Hmmm.. Is that meant to be a pic of Spike?


And again! (I said it was quite often, though she blames it on US! Saying we never sit still – how rude!)


No cats in the shot this time!


Of course, there are times we just don’t want our photo to be taken


Annie refuses to look at the camera! 🙂


Sometimes you can see the whole cat, but we insist on pulling a funny face… just because we can 😉


Lula pulling a face at a petal 🙂


Or sometimes we like to cover up our face with a handy branch!


Lula says that was a handy branch!


On other occasions, mummy takes the pic just at the wrong time


I’m not really beating up Annie… honest!


And sometimes she takes a lovely pic! (if only it was in focus!)


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


And on that note…. you’ve guessed it! I think it’s about time I had a nice catnap 🙂

Take care my friends!

Love from





2 thoughts on “More Whoopsies!”

  1. I sympathise with mummy completely! I use out of focus close ups as selfies the cat’s done! LOL Thanks for the laugh, these were fun ♥ 😀

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