Lula’s day at the Supreme Cat Show

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you are all OK? I promised you a full report of Lula’s day at the Supreme Cat Show and I’m sorry I’m a little late in writing this up! But I have been so busy – I’ve been playing with my feathers, having the odd catnap here and there in my new bed, chasing some bugs, having some catnaps in my other beds… the time has just run away with me! I’m such a busy boy 😉


Anyway, back to the subject matter… so we were all woken up much too early for a Caturday and after a few last minute grooms and cleans of Lula and the hoomins, Lula, mummy and daddy went off to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for the big day.


After queuing up for Lula’s vet check, they then went into the hall to find her pen, number 596. The Supreme cat show is different to all the other ones as the hoomins are allowed to decorate the pens and they even have a “best-dressed pen” competition! Our very good friend, Alex, very kindly decorated Lula’s pen for us (she goes to the halls the previous day to help with setting up) so that was a huge help! Thank you, Alex! Here’s Lula showing how comfy she is in her pen:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula in her decorated pen


Once Lula was settled, mummy and daddy had a coffee and a quick look around the different trade stands to see what presents they could buy for us all. Then, at around 9:30am, the general public are allowed in and the halls get much busier with lots of different people interested in all the cats 🙂 My mummy said it was lovely to chat to people while she waiting for Lula’s class to be judged! Then at around 11-ish, the steward arrived at Lula’s pen to take her to the judging ring, so it was time for Lula to be on her best behaviour! (though if I’m honest, even when Lula is on her best behaviour, she’s still very naughty compared to some other cats! 😆 )


Once at the judging ring, the cats are placed into holding pens until it’s their turn to be judged. When it is, the stewards take them out individually to take to the judge. The judge does their thing, and then the cat is put back in their holding pen while the other cats are judged and the final decisions made.


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula with steward


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula being judged


Despite Lula being quite loud, she was awarded her Imperial Grand Premier certificate, which is superb! She has 2 now so needs another 3 (from different judges) to be able to earn the title of Imperial Grand Premier cat!


After all that was done, Lula was taken back to her pen where she had lots of fuss and attention from everyone and mummy even gave her some of our favourite chicken treats! We also spoke to some of our friends from our Facebook page who had come along to the show and stopped by Lula’s pen to say hi!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula chillin’ out in her pen 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
What’s going on out there then?


Lula did very well at the show and we’re all very proud of her 🙂 But our Uncle BooBoo is who we want to be like one day – he won Best Foreign Neuter in show! He beat lots and lots of different cats of different breeds to earn this – he is owned by our good friend Alex who we mentioned earlier, so we were so happy for both our Uncle and our good friend 🙂


Here’s our Uncle BooBoo with the steward when he was being judged for Best of Variety:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
BooBoo being judged for best of variety


So a great day was had by all! After the excitement was over, all that was left was for everyone to pack up and go home – even the trek to the car park in the pouring rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and then when Lula was home, we all had one of our favourite dinners of Salmon and Mussels 🙂 Then we all had a big catnap, I especially liked the new comfy bed that mummy and daddy bought for me … erm … at the show – ZZzzzzzzzz……


I hope you enjoyed reading our update!
Love from Spot xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Lula’s day at the Supreme Cat Show”

  1. Congratulations to Lula – very well deserved! I also loved the decorated pen that Alex did for her and the news that she was very loud whilst being judged (typical Bengal, of course)!

    I hope you, Robbie, Harry and Friday behaved yourselves whilst Mummy and Daddy were with Lula at the show and that you all had a lovely Caturday. Salmon and mussels for dinner, and a new bed? Spoilt or what?!

    I’m also looking forward to the pictures of the new kitten that is scheduled to arrive at some time in the future. Make sure you and Lula are especially nice to him/her as I know you Bengals are not too keen on other cats joining the family. From all of your blogs and photographs, you must know that Mummy & Daddy have enough love for you all, so there’s no need to be jealous – even a little bit.

    Have a lovely week all of you 🙂

    x x x

    1. Thank you, Heather! Alex did a great job of our pen, what you can’t tell from the pics is that amongst the white netting and ribbon, it actually had flashing fairy lights! It looked lovely and it was a shame to dismantle it all at the end of the day…

      We all behaved ourselves at home… there were 4 cat-shaped dents on mummy’s & daddy’s bed where we’d had our catnaps! There was also an open wardrobe door where one of us (and I’m not saying who) had done some exploring during the day! 😆

      We are all very spoilt, so I’m sure we will cope when the new girl arrives …. whenever that will be 😉

      I hope you have a great week too! xxx

  2. To all at BCW:

    Congratulations to Lula!!! She is surely the next Queen!!! I am so proud of ALL of you!! (I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are too) Lula is so deserving of her titles, and I’m sure she is going to win her Imperial certification soon!! The cage was decorated quite beautifully (thanks Alex!!). And Congratulations to BooBoo as well on a great day! You’ll have to post some new pics of the new bed Mommy & Daddy bought for you! Spot and Lula, make sure Robbie, Harry and Friday are made to feel special as well. I’m sure they missed you while you were out at the show!

    Love and prayers for continued success at BCW!

    1. Thank you, Diane! We have posted some pics of the bed on our Facebook page, and lots of people seemed to like it and want to buy one for their kitties! 🙂 I agree – Alex did a great job of decorating Lula’s pen, she looked very posh 😉 At the moment, my mummy is sat on the sofa with Harry on her lap, Robbie on the arm behind her and Friday on the back of the sofa next to her, so they definitely are made to feel special 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you, CMT Hogan! I must admit that some cats don’t appear to be happy at shows, but Lula loves it! She is such a show off! She just needs to learn to be a bit quieter when she’s picked up! 🙂

  3. I am so happy for all of the kitties and mummy and daddy. I only wish I lived in the UK so I could have come by andv vsiit with Lula and mommy!

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