Lula’s a Grand Premier!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you are all ok, and my friends in the UK have had a nice long weekend, with an extra day off work 🙂


Those of you who like my Facebook page will probably know already that Lula had a fantastic day at the cat show on Saturday! It  was one of the furthest-away shows that we go to as it was in Middlesborough which (in case you don’t know) is in the north-east of England and we’re in the mid-west! So mum and Lula set off very early and drove to our breeder’s house as mummy is very good friends with her and they go to most shows together 🙂


Being as it was so far, mummy paid extra and Lula had a double pen so she could stretch her paws out which she said she liked!


Bengal cat at show
Lula chilling in her pen



Lula needed just one more Grand certificate to earn herself the title of Grand Premier cat and the good news is that she achieved it 😆


Bengal Cat at Show
Rosettes 🙂


This means that she will now compete to be an Imperial Grand Premier cat! This is very tough to earn though as she we will be competing against a lot more breeds of cat, so we’re not taking anything for granted.


But at the end of the day, it’s not to be taken too seriously as it’s only a bit of fun! 🙂


Bengal cat at cat show
This toy looks interesting…


Bengal cat show
This is how happy Lula was when she was told she was a Grand Premier!



Speak again soon!

Love from Spot xxx

6 thoughts on “Lula’s a Grand Premier!”

    1. Lula said thanks to you, Heather – she is quite awkward to get photos of as she never sits still, but mummy manages to get a couple she can post 😆

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