Lazy Weekend in our World!









Hello my friends, Spot here!


Well, we have had no snow to report in our World which is most disappointing. Or at least Lula thinks it is anyway. Did you know that The Peskies (Annie and Spike) have never even seen proper snow? 😯 They saw a light covering last year, but as soon as it was here, it was gone again! I didn’t even get enough time to wake up from my nice catnap before it had disappeared 🙂


This has been an unusual weekend for us – no shows, nothing very exciting happening either. My daddy was still getting over the little bug he had in the week, so the hoomins hardly went out at all!


The Spike Pesky was very happy as this meant he spent lots of time with mummy in her office whilst she worked on things for the store and packing up the orders. Spike is very much a mummy’s boy because she gives him lots of cuddles and treats. I allowed my mummy to give me some cuddles and even a kiss or two today, seeing as it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, but usually I draw the line at her giving me some nice treats and that’s it 😆 Unless I’m in a cuddly mood of course, which happens more than I care to admit 😀


Meanwhile, the rest of us pottered around really! Here’s some snapshots of our weekend 🙂


When Spike wasn’t smooching around in mummy’s office, he enjoyed a bit of birdie watching in the garden


Birdie watching


Daddy put together the cat tree that Annie won for being Best in Show recently – it’s a purrfect fit!


Annie in her little cat tree


Meanwhile, Friday was birdie watching from the Tigga Towers in the conservatory – a much more comfortable way of doing so!


Friday birdie watching


Whilst, I had to share the top bunk with Harry (again…!) It’s not like there isn’t enough space, he always has to come and sit on me when I’m up there! *sigh* 😀


Trying to have a nice nap on the top bunk


Robbie had the right idea and went up to the heated floor in the bathroom for his nap in the squidgy purple bed 🙂


Robbie in the purple bed


Whilst Lula concentrated more on a bit of purrsonal hygiene in the old cat tree by the door 🙂


Lula keeping pristine


So another Monday is nearly upon us, and I wonder what this week will bring? I’m thinking some nice tuna and some of my favourite chicken treats would be a good start 🙂

Take care my friends!
Love from




6 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend in our World!”

  1. A nice quiet weekend for the hoomins! And lots of do nothing time for all you furries too 😀
    Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing Spot ♥♥♥

  2. I see you have your priorities right Spotty, catnaps and treats. I would have thought you’d quite like someone to cuddle into in the winter and Harry looks very cuddleable! I don’t think there’s such a word but you know what I mean lol. Maybe your pink cushion was free, you could have had it all to yourself. Thanks for another interesting blog. Love you all loads, pleased you were nice to your Mummy on her day xxxx

    1. Hello Edna! 🙂 I always like to get my priorities right 😉 Harry is quite a good cuddle partner though he takes up quite a lot of the bed! 😯 xxx

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