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Hello my friends, Spot here!


Last time I posted, I said I’d let you all know how I got on at the cat show I went to on Caturday 🙂 Some of you will have already seen how I did if you follow my Facebook/Twitter pages, but I thought I’d share some more photos here that I’ve not posted elsewhere.


Overall, I didn’t have a good show and I didn’t get my Grand certificate – this was my first attempt at getting a Grand and you need 3 to earn the title, so it wasn’t the best of starts 😆 The competition was very good, though, as competing against me was an Egyptian Mau and an Asian and my big brother Star, who’s a snow Bengal. Neither of us two Bengals got the Grand or the Reserve, so I guess it just wasn’t our day!


I got a 2nd and a 3rd in a couple of my side classes, but was unplaced in the other.


Lula and I are both entered in a show in early October, but I think I heard my mummy say that I will be having a break from shows until next year after that one. Lula is going to a couple in November, including the Supreme Cat Show which is the biggest cat show of the year and takes place at the NEC in Birmingham (for my UK friends).


Anyway, as promised, here’s some more photos of me at Caturday’s show 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Chillin’ in my pen 🙂


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oooh! mummy just woke me up!
















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Did someone mention cat treats?


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I can see you!


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Keeping my fur looking good!

















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Back to catnapping!



























Let’s hope I do a little better next time as I need to catch up with Lula who’s already achieved Grand Premier and will now be competing for her Imperial title! Clever girl – it just shows she can behave when she wants to! 😀


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot xxx



9 thoughts on “Latest show results”

  1. Spot, I’m sure you’ll get your Grand Premier certification. you are just too gorgeous — like your sissy, Lula. I’ll (along with my ‘kids’, will be rooting for you — and Lula in November to get her Imperial title. . . If it’s anywhere close to my birthday (November 17th), she’ll probably win it!!! Love, prayers, kitty kisses and head bonks for all!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Diane! My mummy’s birthday is in November too – the 27th! 🙂 The Supreme show is on the 24th so in between your birthday and mummy’s! 😀 You need 5 certificates to earn the title of Imperial, so Lula won’t get that this year, but hopefully she can make a start if she can get one, or even two which would be superb 🙂 Lots of love and hugs to you and your kids xoxoxoxox

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