Miaows and purrs and more miaows and purrs!


I am in such a good mood today because it’s our birthday – and our first at that! We’ve never had a birthday before! 😆


Mummy has promised that as a special treat, she’ll put some new feathers on the Da Bird toy (my favourite toy, ever!) and her and daddy will spend as long as we like playing it with us (apart from all the hours when they’re at work…. :().


I think we’re going to get our favourite food later on as well – Reindeer in Gravy, yum yum! 😀


Here’s the e-card that mummy made specially for us:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Happy Birthday Spot and Lula!!



Lula and I have decided we quite like having birthdays – perhaps we should be like the Queen and have two a year, so we don’t have to wait so long until the next one? Does anyone know how we can make that happen? 😆

8 thoughts on “IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!”

    1. We are, thank you, John. Mummy has come home from work now, so we’ve been allowed outside. There’s lots of birds in the trees making lots of noise, but we haven’t managed to catch any yet!

  1. Happy Birthday Spot and Lula! We hope your Mummy and Daddy are spoiling you lots, now is the time to start bringing in special presents for them from the garden! Enjoy your special dinner. Lots of love Uncle BooBoo, Daisy and Yogi xxx

    1. Thank you, Alex! We brought in a spider yesterday (alive), and we dropped it on the floor by mummy’s feet… but I don’t think she appreciated our present all that much *puzzled*….
      But we’ve had a lovely day, we’ve played with our toys lots and lots, and I think daddy is just going in the cupboard now to get our Da Bird out!! xxx

  2. Mummy’s can sometimes be boring Spot, I gave mine a live shrew last week, which she didn’t appreciate, talk about ungrateful!! Uncle BooBoo xx

    1. Oooh, we have so much to learn from you, Uncle BooBoo – we haven’t worked out how to catch something like a shrew yet! xxx

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