Hello my friends, Spot here!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, but my mummy and daddy were out for most of the weekend, and didn’t leave the laptop open! I can’t open it myself, so I had to use my iPhone to update my Facebook page, but I can’t do this blog properly on there 🙂


If you read my Facebook page, you may already know that we’re now having to restrict Lula’s access outside, and she now has to go out on a leash only until mummy and daddy cat proof part of the garden. This is because Lula is much too adventurous and she wandered as far as the road on the other side of the field 😯 It really is a very long way for cats to walk, and none of mummy & daddy’s other cats have ever done that, but Lula isn’t your typical cat I guess!


So we had a few photos of Lula that were taken before she did this. These haven’t been posted elsewhere and we thought you might like them 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Pondering the tree climb



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I used to love it in the field!



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Where are those flies?



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I get a good view on this fence!



Aww… poor little Lula!!


Take care everybody and don’t get into trouble like Lula does 🙂

Love from Spot







2 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. good morning from new york…. i just love the photo of lu lu catching flies…. =^:^= have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mathilda & mr.mac just love the photos as much as i do ..

    1. Thanks, Susan! Luckily Lula is still able to chase after the flies on her leash, and she still runs all over the house chasing them indoors too 😆

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