Happy birthday Spot and Lula!

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Hello my friends, Spot here!

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, my twin and I celebrated our 5th birthday yesterday! Yay! I had lots of nice chicken treats and some yummy tuna cat food for tea… though I get those most days so perhaps my mummy should have made a bit more of an effort on reflection 😯


As seems to be customary on these occasions, I’ve been looking through the archives to find some baby photos that my mummy said I had to share. I’m not sure I like it, but you know me – I’m a good boy and always does as I’m told *crosses paws behind back*  😆


So life started off at Sue the breeder’s house and after a few weeks our new owners – i.e. mummy and daddy – started to visit us quite regularly. We made sure we pulled off the cute look 🙂

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Doing cute


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Lula doing cute


Then after 15 weeks we went to our new home and soon settled in 🙂

Lula made herself at home on the kitchen table lol 🙂

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Silly Lula


And she also liked to have a good look around the bathtub


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Lula in the bathtub


Though I preferred it when there was water in it


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Careful Lula! You may fall in 🙂


I told mummy off for taking pics of me with green bits in the way


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Naughty mummy


So she made me move and took another


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This isn’t comfy!


Lula started off her successful show career before I did


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Lula’s 1st show


Whilst I stayed at home and helped mummy with her iPad (which were quite new out at the time) 🙂


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I think you should press this bit


Friday, Harry and Robbie came to tolerate us quite quickly (as long as we didn’t try and eat their dinner 😆 )


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Yummy dinner


And after a nice dinner, what better thing is there to do than have a nice catnap? (some things never change 😆 )

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Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


So there’s our first few weeks/months in a nutshell! Doesn’t time fly?

Take care my friends!
Love from




6 thoughts on “Happy birthday Spot and Lula!”

  1. Awwww sweet Spot you are such a cuty pie that I´d like to have you myself 😉 ! Well Lula is also a real cuty. But now I must tell you that you would be much better off at my place than at mummy´s and daddy´s… I always give my boys some kind of toy for their birthdays and for Christmas they get crayfish which they like =). So as you can see you would be treated very well here. I buy some yummy toys for birthdays by the way. So Spot Think about it… =) <3 xxx

    1. Oooh! Sounds lovely, Betta! Maybe I might sneak across in a little boat and come and live with you 🙂 xxx

  2. Wishing you and Lula a very Happy Birthday Spot. My 2 little terrors (sorry Bengals!) who are also twins, are now 6 years old. They both still get in to a lot of mischief, as I suspect you and Lula do when your mummy isn’t watching. You were both such cute little kittens who have grown up into 2 beautiful / handsome cats.

    1. Thanks, Pam! 🙂 Lula is of course very mischievous, even when mummy and daddy are looking, but of course I am a good boy 😉 xxx


    1. Hello Zoe! How lovely to hear from you and thank you very much <3 Much love to you too <3 xxxxxx

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