Goodnight my friends!

Hello again my friends, Spot here!


Well, unusually I’m posting twice tonight! I have to be a little bit inventive as Facebook isn’t working, at least in the UK it seems! It’s been broken for at least 30 minutes!


So I wasn’t able to say goodnight in my usual way… which I was quite sad about until I remembered I could do it on here instead!


So night night my friends, I hope Facebook is working by the time I wake up again 🙂 If not, I can always chat on here and on Twitter 🙂


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Nighty-night my friends! 🙂 xxx


Love from Spot xxxxx

8 thoughts on “Goodnight my friends!”

    1. Thanks, John! I had a nice sleep, though my mummy woke me up at 2:30 am when she came into the kitchen to get a bottle of water – she is very inconsiderate sometimes 😉

      1. Glad you slept well, Spot! Well, us hoomins occasionally forget about others, especially when we need food or water :-D. I’m sure she didn’t mean to wake you… plus you can always do what Newt does, which is to save her revenge for the weekend mornings ;-D.

  1. I hope you slept well Spot – you certainly looked sound asleep in the photograph and still a stunningly handsome boy!

    Love & hugs to all of you x x x

  2. Oh Spot! I so look forward to your morning and evening greetings!! It is so very nice of your mummy and daddy to let you use their computer to keep all of us posted on your travels through life’s journey. And your daddy and his new camera are capturing some of the best photos of all of you! I would so love to have a Bengal with the beauty of you and Lula. Of all the Bengal cats I’ve seen, you are the best! I’m so happy all of you will be welcoming a new family member next year. It seems as though you have found the best breeder of bengals in all of England. I so enjoyed seeing Sue’s web site and to see the photos of your mummy and daddy were so special! Hope you and everyone at BCW have had a lovely day today! Your friend Linda!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! You are very kind and we appreciate your feedback! My daddy is such a perfectionist, for every photo you see of us, there are at least another 3 on the “cutting room floor”! 🙂 Sue is a great breeder and being a cat doctor, she is well-positioned to deal with any hiccups along the way 😉

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