First show of the year – and what a show it was!

Hello my friends, Spot here!

So, we went to our first show of 2016 yesterday and let’s hope the year carries on the way it started as we had a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

Mind you, it did start off much too early – I was having a nice snooze with Lula in the big bed when I was rudely awoken in the middle of the night! 😯


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


I’d kind of guessed something was going on the previous day, though, the way the hoomins were fussing around, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised πŸ˜‰

After lots more fussing around, Annie and I were put into our nice big carrier and transported up north somewhere, about 100 miles away. I’m not sure of the exact distance as I took the opportunity to get a few more cat naps in, snuggling with Annie instead of with Lula πŸ˜†

After an uneventful journey, we arrived at the venue and Annie and were checked by Sue the vet (and our breeder) with of course nothing to worry about – then it was into the show hall where I made sure my pen was up to my high standards!


Hmmm… it will do, I suppose!


I then checked my surroundings to make sure there were no unsavoury characters nearby πŸ˜‰


All seems OK!


Annie then checked her pen over too!


You’re meant to be inside the pen, Annie


And she seemed to be fine with it, so that was that! It was then time for the morning judging to commence where they decide the important classes – the titles and Best of Breed!


My mummy and daddy had to leave us for this, but the results board was checked regularly I’m told. I was going for anΒ Imperial Grand Premier Certificate, whereas Annie was in the top class – the Olympian! Luckily enough, both of our results got published quite quickly and my mummy and daddy were so proud! I had beaten two other wonderful boys (another Bengal and a Russian Blue) to win my certificate, and Annie had beaten 3 other girls to win the Olympian! I still need 4 more Imperial certificates to earn the title, whereas Annie needs 3 more to get to Olympian Bronze πŸ™‚

Here’s her certificate πŸ™‚


Annie’s Olympian Certificate


It then seemed to take a long time for theΒ results for the otherΒ classes to be published…. but they were worth waiting for, in Annie’s case in particular! But first let me tell you how I did πŸ™‚

I didn’t win Best of Breed, there were 4 in the class and the judge awarded it to a pretty girl πŸ™‚ I then came 2nd out of 2 in a class for Bengals, Mau or Ocicats; 2nd out of 3 for “any cat not bred by exhibitor”; and – you’ve guessed it – 2nd out of 4 for “Any Foreign Neuter” πŸ™‚ So I told my mummy I like to be consistent πŸ™‚

Here I am with my rosettes and certificates (am enjoying a nice catnap you might notice πŸ˜‰ You can never have too many cat naps) πŸ™‚

Me and my awards πŸ™‚

Annie was consistent too! Albeit at a slightly elevated level to me!

So, not only did she win the Olympian class, which is a massive achievement in itself, she then beat 4 boys to win “Best in Colour” (the equivalent of Best of Breed for the Household Pet section which she competes in). And then it was time for her side classes –

1st out of 2 for Any Shorthair Cat (Club Class). But the cat she beat is an absolute star of household pets (she is an Olympian Gold, and has been for some time, and regularly wins Best in Show), so this was fabulous!
1st out of 5 for “Prettiest Female” (my mummy says she always loves it when Annie wins this class)

And finallyΒ … she came 1st out of 7 for “The Cat with the Glossiest Coat”

Wow! She had what’s known as a “red card day” which means she won all of the classes she was entered into! And Annie’s results were from 4 different judges (one judge did two of her 5 classes), so it wasn’t based on just one judge having a soft spot for her! What a little star πŸ™‚


Here she is with her certificates and rosettes πŸ™‚


Little star


And another one, because she’s so cute πŸ™‚


Annie and her rosettes again πŸ™‚


So there we have it! The show was quite late to finish as it had been such a busy day for everyone, but pretty soon we headed 100 miles or so back down south and came home and had some nice dinner and another nice catnap or two πŸ™‚

Take care my friends!



14 thoughts on “First show of the year – and what a show it was!”

  1. What a brilliant day you had. Well done Spotty for getting your Imperial, shame we didn’t see your certificate but never mind, what a clever boy you are to come back after being away from shows for so long and then getting your Imperial! Annie’s the star of the show again, what can I say, it’s all been said, you’re a diamond Miss Cheal, your Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you and so are all your fans xxxx <3 <3

    1. You can see my certificate on my pen, Edna – it’s the silver one with the purple line down it πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely comments πŸ™‚ xxxx

  2. What a wonderful day! I’m very happy for you in particular Spot, you deserve that Imperial in my opinion and you waited for it for a long time! Your mini-me is a little Superstar. You taught her extremely well! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. Yes, she learnt everything off me of course πŸ™‚ (except when she’s being naughty, then I blame that on Lula!!! πŸ˜† 😯 😯 ) xxx

  3. Spot. . . GRATZ GRATZ GRATZ~!!!!!! of course, I am not surprised — about the BEST bengals in the world!!!!! Hoping all is well with all of you at BCW. . . We had a major snowstorm Friday into Saturday — ended up with 9 inches of the white stuff — East of me, they got over 2 ft!!! We are all well here. . . keep up the great work. . .I’m sure Mummy and Daddy are VERY proud of all of you — I know I am!! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. We’re glad you’re all safe and warm, though Lula says she wants some snow too πŸ™‚ Thanks for your lovely comments πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Well. Well Spot, what a wonderful comeback for you. Huge congratulations for that great win. From now on, the only way is up for you.
    Great to see Annie continuing to wow the Judges and to sweep the board in all her classes. What Champs you both are.
    I’m sure your hoomans are justified in being so very proud, after all, they put in a lot of effort in presenting you kitties in the finest form. Another swathe of beautiful rosettes to add to the BCW collection.

  5. Well done both of you.Look at all those pretty rosettes. I thought you had retired from shows Spot. Didn’t Mummy and Daddy give you some of your favourite chicken treats when you got home? You deserved them.xx

    1. I was semi-retired, Pauline πŸ˜‰ Now I’ve decided I quite like being on the show bench again, so we’ll see how I get on πŸ™‚ I always get my favourite chicken treats πŸ™‚ xxx

  6. Awwww you are both just purrfect <3 happy to call you my furriends! <3 Both or you did so well so I think mummy and daddy will spoil you a little extra for some days now. πŸ˜‰ ArenΒ΄t I right? πŸ˜› Love to see your blog again! <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  7. hiya,
    Great photos and well done!
    What an amazing start to the year. I reckon mummy & daddy must be over the moon with all them rosettes.
    Love you loads πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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