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Hello friends 🙂


I’ve been a bit philosophical today – I managed to sit out in the sun for a while (before the heavens opened and the rain arrived!), so it gave me the opportunity to stop and think. Having said that, I also managed to do lots of my normal running around with my sister of course!


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Taking some time out 🙂



But I was thinking about a programme on the radio called “Desert Island Discs“. Now, this has been going for many years – since 1942 in fact! This is so many years that I can’t even contemplate how long that is, being as I’ve not even got to my first birthday yet 😆


But back to the radio show: in case you don’t know, what happens is that they have a famous person on each week and they have to imagine that they’ve been cast away on a desert island and have to choose 8 pieces of music to take with them.


So, I’m not into all that music stuff that you humans seem to like so much, but I thought I’d put together a list of what 8 items I think are indispensable, that I would need to take on a desert island with me! So here they are:


1. Tuna – I do love a bit of the fishy stuff as a treat!

2. Talking of treats? My favourite dried chicken treats that my mummy buys for me.

3. My Da Bird feather toy – I’ve written a post about these fantastic feathers a little while ago, I just love chasing them.

4. A human – I suppose a human is quite important in my life; after all they need to feed me the tuna and the treats and wave the Da Bird toy around for me to chase!

5. Catnip – I don’t know what it is about that stuff, but I just can’t get enough of it!

6. A nice comfy bed or hammock – goes without saying that I need to have somewhere nice to sleep to have my cat-naps on.

7. My twin sister, Lulabelle – OK, I give in, she can come with me!

8. Some kitty grass to chew on when I need to calm my tummy.


So – what must-have things would you need if you were cast-away?

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