Chilled out Sunday!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


We’ve been having a very lazy day today after yesterday’s show day! OK, so it was only Spike and Annie and the hoomins who went, but they woke us up far too early in the morning for my liking and they really disturbed my sleeping and eating pattern, serving breakfast so early (and dinner so late) 😯


And then in the afternoon, we had one of the biggest storms I’ve ever seen! The sky was shouting very loudly and there was so much lightning in the sky, it made my eyes go all funny! 😯 My mummy said I shouldn’t complain about it so much as she was driving everyone back from the cat show in it, but I can’t help but mention it as it was so bad 😉


Back to the show: the peskies didn’t have a great day at all in terms of results, but they did get to meet our lovely friend, Edna! They said it was so nice to see her and she is very kind as she bought all 7 of us cats in our World some lovely treats! 🙂 And you know how much I love my chicken treats, so they were very much appreciated! Thank you, Edna! 😆


So this is why we’ve been chillin in our cat garden today (before it started raining again at least 😉 )


It started off with Annie being in a thoughtful mood….


Annie being thoughtful


…So while she was doing that, it was Spike’s turn to annoy me for a change!


Spike and me


I told him he needed to get Lula’s hammock sharpish otherwise she’d be claiming it for herself, and the tactic seemed to work!


Spikey in Lula’s hammock


But really, Lula was examining two apples that must have fallen down in the storm!


These don’t smell very meaty!


So that left me with the purrfect opportunity to find a nice spot to snooze in undisturbed in my mummy’s office (and you know how much I love my cat naps!) 🙂


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot


2 thoughts on “Chilled out Sunday!”

  1. What a great life you kitties have 😀 Not so much your humans having to drive in that bad storm, after getting up at 3 in the morning no less!

    Get in a good night’s sleep and start the new week on the right (or left if you prefer) foot! ♥♥♥

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