Cat fight!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? We’ve been getting out more and more recently, now the weather’s getting a little better πŸ™‚ But today, I was a bit naughty! I know what you’re thinking – Spot? Naughty? How can that be? You know I am such a good boy usually, don’t you? 😯


But I think the thought of Spring coming has put me in a good mood (I don’t like the bad weather) and I got a little too excited today! And poor Lula was the one who got the brunt of it!


Hmmm… I think Lula wants me to pounce on her!


Oooh yes! Look at those ears!


Now she’s having a lie-down! But those ears are still not happy!


Lula being submissive….


…but I don’t care! I pounced anyway!


You can get up now, Lula πŸ™‚


She’s all right really πŸ™‚ I was only playing


I was just getting her back for all the times she’s pounced on me! I felt it was about time, don’t you, my friends? πŸ™‚


Take care!

Love from Spot



19 thoughts on “Cat fight!”

  1. Yes, Spot you are such a good boy normally πŸ˜€ Spring fever is hard to tamp down, and I have to agree it was your turn to pounce on Lula! β™₯

  2. Awww Spot, I can see that was just a little exercise to keep your body in purrfect shape πŸ˜‰ . Am I right or am I right? 😎

  3. I love what funny siblings they are! Fight like all brothers and sisters! Just playing and I know they would defend each other against anyone else.

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!!! those piccies are so funny!!! you two are just so beautiful!!! Looks like you were having fun!! Typical sis/bro rivalry. . . my 2 that are brothers do this too. . . hilarious. . . just finally getting caught up on reading all of your blogs!!! πŸ˜› .. . love and prayers. . . <3

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