Bengal Cat World Advent Calendar – Day Twenty One

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Gosh! We’ve had a bit of an exciting day today at the cat show! I’ll write a full report tomorrow when my daddy has downloaded the photos – we’re a bit tired now as it was a long day 😆


Anyway, back to our advent calendar and here’s today’s pic! We’d just like to say that Harry as a kitten always was a messy chap! No matter how much he was cleaned, he always managed to look dirty! So he’s purrfectly happy and healthy in this pic, even though you may have thought otherwise at first glance! <3


Baby Harry


You may have been able to guess the phrase which is…. “Having kittens“! This saying is used when someone has been very scared or anxious 🙂 Of course, they didn’t literally have kittens… the phrase, like so many of the ones we have shared, has its origins in the mists of time long gone by! 🙂


Years ago, when cats were associated with witchcraft and were considered all mysterious, women were actually worried sometimes that a spell had been put on them and they would have actual kittens instead of a baby! 😯 In fact, in the latter part of the 17th Century, a woman was in court in Scotland for trying to have an illegal abortion and her excuse was that she thought she had kittens in her tummy rather than a hoomin baby! What silly people! Us cats would never want to be born in such a way! 😆


Not long to go now until Christmas! And hopefully tomorrow you will get TWO blog posts! Our advent calendar AND our full show report! I’m going to be a very busy kitty indeed – better get a few catnaps in before then 😉


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot



17 thoughts on “Bengal Cat World Advent Calendar – Day Twenty One”

  1. Awww thanks once again Spot. Have never heard that, but it was really amazing to get to know. Will be so exhiting tomorrow to see all pics and read your calendar also! Waiting for it. Hope you´re sleeping well now! <3 😛

      1. Oh dear noticed that I didn´t say anything about loveing the pic of Harry. I love him as a big kittie also. He´s a very handsome boy! 😳 <3

  2. Such a long day for you going to the Show. Rest up well Spot and we’re all waiting for your Show Report and seeing Dad’s pictures. Congrats Lula for your Best in Show , and Spot, a third is not to be sneezed at either.

    1. Hello Mavis! You have promoted Lula, she got Best of Breed which is not quite as good as Best in Show 🙂 We were very pleased with my third place – it was a tough class of 9 great cats 🙂 xx

  3. Well I for one can hardly stand it–waiting for the show results and pictures! Having kittens gave me a good laugh Spot! Sure sounds silly, doesn’t it! It’s the final count down to Christmas–aren’t you all excited!?! I sure am! xxxxx

    1. We are very very excited indeed, Linda! We have been given so many lovely pressies by our friends, the suspense is too much! We hope you get lots of nice presents too <3 xxxxxx

  4. I’ll be so sad when the Advent Calendar is done 😥 I’ve enjoyed it so much, and have learned a lot! The cute pictures of you all are just the best!

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