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Hello my friends, Spot here!

Oh my days! I am just a tiny bit proud of my little sister, Annie, but don’t tell her I said so, will you?

She is quite a little star at home, but also when she goes gallivanting around the country to cat shows! And yesterday was no exception.

It was the Maine Coon cat show yesterday. Now, we all know that Annie is about as far removed away from a Maine Coon as you can get – she’s little and has a sleek short coat rather than being large with a fluffy coat – but being as she’s in the household pet section, she can go to these kinds of shows, even though she isn’t that breed πŸ™‚

The show was not too far away, so although it was the usual early start, it was a bit more reasonable than others can be πŸ™‚ And as usual, once Annie and the hoomins had left, we all had some lovely catnaps and watched the birdies out of the windows once it was properly light πŸ™‚

Annie as normal sailed through vetting in and was soon settling into her pen and checking out the surroundings πŸ™‚


Annie checking out her surroundings


She told daddy she felt it was ok πŸ™‚


Annie giving the paws up


Being a breed show, this was a bit smaller than some others, so there were only about 100 cats there in total – around 75 Maine Coons and 25 Household Pets πŸ™‚

As you know, Annie is now in the top classes – the Olympians, and already has her Bronze so is going for Silver. She needs 5 silvers from 5 different judges, and only one of the 5 can be from a smaller breed show, the other 4 must come from All Breed shows.

There were four girls in total in Annie’s class, all wanting to win the coveted Olympian certificate, and all very pretty ladies.

Luckily, the results were out extremely quickly, so we didn’t need to wait long to hear the wonderful news that Annie had won! Yay! πŸ™‚

Here’s her certificate, signed by the judge:

Annie’s Olympian certificate


And this is the reverse side with the judge’s comments! (some do this, not all)

The reverse


So the judge said she was ‘bowled over’ by her – how lovely! πŸ™‚

Then it was a different judge doing Annie’s Best of Colour judging, which is the next most important class to win… but Annie beat the boy to win this too! πŸ™‚

Then it was the time for side classes, the results of these are more for fun as they don’t ‘count’ towards anything. Which is a good job as Annie didn’t do so well in these πŸ™

She was unplaced out of 6 for ‘Prettiest Female’

She came third out of 5 for ‘Any Cat Under 3’

But she did win the class – ‘Best Groomed Shorthair’ out of 6.

So mixed results there, but she’s still our little star, and here she is with her rosettes to prove it πŸ˜‰

Annie having a chat


Annie having a snooze


They all got home safely and Annie had a nice tea and a long sleep before starting out on a new day today where she sat on top of the cat house watching the birdies! πŸ™‚

Annie doing some birdie watching


Take care my friends!
Love from




10 thoughts on “Annie’s Triumph at the Cat Show”

  1. Thanks for this great update Spot. It’s wonderful to see Annie winning over those Judges yet again. This petite young lady is a classic example of quality not quantity ! I love the shot of her snuggled under her bed to shut out all the noise and bustle and catching a lovely catnap. Huge congratulations to Annie and her hoomans. xxxx

  2. Awww sweet Annie, you just put all the judges around your little paw, just as you do with your daddy! <3 So happy that you got all those rosettes =). Love the pic of you chatting ;). Such a good girl you are, continue like that and make mummy and daddy proud of you! <3

  3. Hello everyone, amazing blog. Well done Annie and Mummy & Daddy. Annie looks pretty as a picture! Love you all, Zoe xxxxxx

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