Annie and Spotty’s day at the cat show!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I’m of course here to tell you all about our day yesterday at the cat show 🙂 Yes, I was dragged away from my comfy bed at an unearthly hour, and taken miles away to the show… but it was OK as I was still able to chill and get lots of catnaps in during the day 🙂 So worry not, my friends! 😆

When I say ‘chill’ I must be forgiven for tittering a little to myself as the show hall was very hot and all the hoomins were sweating! But both myself and Annie, and in fact almost every cat there, had lovely cooling fans on our pens, so we kept lovely and cool! 🙂 But there were lots of red-faced hoomins moaning about how hot it was 😆

This was a big double show – the Lincolnshire and the Humberside. There were just under 300 cats there, but the hall is very large so there was plenty of room for everyone.

Annie was entered into both shows, but I was only entered into one  – mummy said that’s just how she does it now and again (for reasons I fear only she knows about! 😯 )

For the benefit of any new readers, I’m shown in the ‘Foreign’ section which is the Pedigree category for Bengals; Annie is shown as a Pedigree Pet in the Household Pet section as she has a slightly overshot jaw which would be classed as a withholding fault in the Pedigree section.

This was my first show for a while, but I soon remembered the ropes and quickly settled in my double pen

Settling in

In fact, I was so settled that daddy took another couple of pics of me to prove it 😀

Settled part 2 🙂


Still settled!


So there. That’s that settled then 🙂

Annie was equally at home in her pen 🙂

Annie checking things out


I think this is OK, daddy!


So that was enough of the settling in pics… pretty soon, morning judging started and the hoomins waited anxiously for the results to come in 🙂

I was in the Imperial Grand Premier Class, I already have one Imperial certificate, but I need 5 to earn the title.

But it was a tough class with 9 wonderful cats of lots of different ‘Foreign’ breeds, and it wasn’t to be… I wasn’t awarded the certificate, though I did win Best of Breed for the Bengals! Yay!

Here’s a pic to show my rosettes 🙂

Best of Breed rosettes


Annie is much more advanced than me with her titles, she is in the top tier now – the Olympian classes! She already has Olympian Bronze and needed one more certificate to earn the Silver title.

There were 4 cats in total going for the Olympian in both shows, so it wasn’t going to be easy, but then it never is, especially at that level.

The first result came in for the Humberside show… and Annie didn’t get the certificate, though she was awarded the Reserve Olympian which in effect means she was placed 2nd.

This was quite different for Annie as, in all her previous Olympian classes, she has either won it or not been placed at all – one thing or another. This was the first time she had earned an Olympian Reserve  which is still an achievement though not of course enough for her to earn the title.

Then the results for the Lincolnshire show came in … and she wasn’t placed at all in that one! So she must try again at another show to get that final certificate she needs for silver! Mind you, she is still very young! She is almost always the youngest in the Olympian classes, being just over 2 years old – the next youngest yesterday was 6 years old 🙂 So there is absolutely plenty of time.

Despite not winning the Olympian, Annie did very well in all her other classes!

She won Best of Colour in both shows (the Pet equivalent of Best of Breed), and in her side classes, she came first in three and second in the other.

One of her side classes was the Derek Rawnsley Memorial Class. This is a special class for the Humberside show and there were 9 cats in it! And our little Annie was the winner! She not only won a fabulous rosette, but also a special prize too which was gift wrapped

Special Prize

Whatever could it be?

My mummy opened it and it was a lovely candle Glowdome that has Cats and butterflies etched on to it – very pretty! 🙂

Candle Glowdome


So, apart from not winning the Olympian, Annie had a great day, and here she is with all her ribbons/rosettes to prove it!

Where’s Annie? 🙂

She is in there somewhere 😉

Then, it was time to go home, back in the lovely air-conditioned cars where I had some more catnaps and Annie kept standing on me in the carrier as she wanted to look out of the window… *sigh*

Annie’s having a break for the next show in a few weeks time, so it will be time for the boys – Spike and me – to put our best paw forward! 🙂

Take care my friends!
Love from



8 thoughts on “Annie and Spotty’s day at the cat show!”

  1. Hi there Spot. Great blog as usual ! At least you didn’t go home empty-pawed as far as rosettes are concerned. That was a big class you competing with, so Congratulations to you.
    We have come to expect so much of Annie, but as you say, she’s doing so very well at such a young age and has plenty of time yet to continue up her ladder of success. What a success she was anyway with gaining that Reserve. And then, in her various other classes, more success for her. An absolute avalanch of rosettes ! Congratulations to her and of course to your hoomans for all they do to present you guys in such prime condition for these Shows.
    Looking forward to seeing how you, Spot, and young Spike go in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks too, to your Dad for all the lovely pics. xxxx

    1. Thanks, Mavis 🙂 I am quite cool about it all 🙂 All it means is that I have my catnaps in a different place to normal on show day 🙂 Annie is just a little pickle 🙂

  2. Hi Spot you look very handsome in the pictures and I am so pleased that you won best of breed for the Bengals, you deserve it. I was sorry that Annie did not get her Olympian but she did very well getting all those rosettes. The Olympian Reserve is a very pretty rosette for a pretty little lady! I am glad that you managed to stay cool in all that heat. Looking forward to hearing how you and Spike do in a few weeks, best of luck to you both. xxxxx

    1. Thanks, Pam! My mummy said she actually prefers the colour of the Reserve rosette to the proper one 🙂 xxxx

  3. Thanks Spot for a really lovely blog! Enjoyed looking at all the lovely pics of you and your little sister! I think you both did great even though none of you got the titel you wanted and deserved. But doesn´t matter, in the next competition I think it will happen! You are both looking just really lovely and gorgeous as usual! <3 Good luck to you Spot and to Spike in the next show! <3 xxx

  4. Hiya spot and Gang, great read as always. Photos were really nice to see. You both amazing cats, mummy and daddy must be so proud of you. You both seem so relaxed and composed in these competitions. Can’t wait for the next blog. I send my love to all the gang, how are you coping in the heat ? It’s been so hot in this part of the country. Hope your using your water fountain, love Zoe xx

    1. Hi Zoe1 It’s been cooler here over the last couple of days, but we still like to use our Bengal Spa 🙂 Lovely to hear from you again <3 Take care xxxxxx

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