After the rains….

Hello again! Spot here!


I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend! I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by – it’ll soon be time for our next cat show which is only just over a week away now! And after that, only two short weeks until the Bengal Cat Club show, we’re really looking forward to that one – the competition will be very tough though! 🙂


I’m talking about the rain again today… I wouldn’t usually be so obsessed with it, but my mummy told me that summer was meant to be nice weather! I was only a baby last summer, so I was hoping to do lots of sunbathing this year, but we have had so much rain it has been impossible! It seems to have been raining since May 😯


But it does mean my daddy can get some quite nice pics – here are a few of my favourite ones:


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Checking out the cat garden















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Where’s Spotty gone? He was here a moment ago!















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
If I hide in here, I might be able to catch a frog!






















I hope you liked those as much as I did!


Speak to you soon!

Love from

Spot xxx


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